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Jack's Tales 1 - Enemy of State
« on: October 28, 2006, 07:39 PM »
Jack's Tales 1 - Enemy of State is a story told to Henry Phoenix by his brother, Jack Phoenix. The story sets in 20 BBY, about one year before the events of Revenge of the Sith.

Jack Phoenix: Well, this is Terminal City. Rather big, eh?
Eyes Only: Yes, it is. I wonder where's that bunker we were supposed to go?

Jack Phoenix: Maybe we could ask these people?
Eyes Only: Maybe...
Executor on Wheels: You may execute when ready.
Clone trooper: Cursed rebellians...urrg...

Eyes Only: Excuse me, sir, but how can I reach the bunker of...what was it...Davy Jones?
Executor on Wheels: Just go straight on. You can't miss it.

Garô: Excuse me, sirs. What is your business here?
Eyes Only: We're here to see Davy Jones.

Garô: I see. I'm afraid I'll have to take this gun.
Jack Phoenix: Naturally.

Garô: This is the bunker of our leader, Davy Jones. Go in, he's not too busy.
Eyes Only: Thank you, sir.

Eyes Only: Good day, sir. I'm Eyes Only and he's my bodyguard, Jack Phoenix.
Davy Jones: The Eyes...I've heard a lot of you. Anyway, your apartment is located on Butcher Square 4. Garô can take you there. Now begone!

Garô: Well, sirs?
Eyes Only: Could you take us to our new apartment, located in Butcher Square 4?
Garô: Sure thing.

Jack Phoenix (thinking): Is it true? That lady...

Jack Phoenix: Hey, Nina, wait!
Elizabeth Knight: I'm not Nina. I'm Elizabeth Knight.
Jack Phoenix: Cut the crap out, Nina. Do you remember me?

Nina Phoenix: Nina was once my name...anyway...are you my fifth husband, Jerdon?'re too young...maybe you're Will?
Jack Phoenix: Nina! How could you do this to me?!

Jack Phoenix: I trusted you and you broke my heart!
Garô: What's going on?
Jack Phoenix: None of your business?
Nina Phoenix: Who are you?
Jack Phoenix: Your first husband and your first boyfriend!

Jack Phoenix: I don't want to see you ever again. Period.
Nina Phoenix: But I...
Jack Phoenix: Get lost! NOW!

Eyes Only: What was that all about?
Jack Phoenix: Nothing really.
Eyes Only: It certainly didn't look like that, Jack.

Garô: Well, here we are, gentlemen. Butcher Square 4.
Eyes Only: Whoa!

Eyes Only: What do you think of our new apartment and operations HQ?
Jack Phoenix: Well, it could always have been worse. And smaller.

On the next day:

Eyes Only: I really liked that apartment. It was warm and kinda cozy.
Jack Phoenix: Well, the city seems okay to me.

Garô: Excuse me, sirs.
Eyes Only: Yes?
Garô: Our leader, Davy Jones, has requested to see you both. Please follow me.

Davy Jones: And those guns?
Rommel: Taken care already, boss.
Garô: Sir, Eyes Only and Jack Phoenix are here now.
Davy Jones: Very good, Garô.

But soon, gunshots are heard outside the bunker and Nina Phoenix runs in to tell that the Republic has found them. Nina, Rommel, Jack, Eyes Only and the Geonosian run up to the roof of the bunker to defend Terminal City.

Nina Phoenix: We need to work together to save this city.
Jack Phoenix: Nina...I...okay then.

Rommel: Okay, listen up, everyone!

Meanwhile, on the streets of Terminal City:


Executor on Wheels: Arrgh! Oww!
Clone Commander Veridovich: Take that!

Shadow Pilot: Nice shot, boss.
Clone Commander Veridovich: Of course. I never miss, you know.

Garô: Sir, you must go to the Air Force One! It's too dangerous in here!
Davy Jones: Well, I guess you're right, Garô.

While Davy and Garô are planning the escape route, a Star Destroyer arrives and deploys several troopers, one of them killing Nina.

Nina Phoenix: Aaah! I'm down!
Jack Phoenix: Nina! Noooooooo!

Rommel: Get down there, idiot, or you're dead too!
Jack Phoenix: But Nina...

Another clone trooper takes his blaster and tries to shoot Jack, but instead ends up shooting Eyes!

Eyes Only: Yeeeoooowwwwwww! Arrrgh!

Soon enough:

Garô: This way.
Rommel: I have a bad feeling about this.

Garô: Oh my. Not good!
Clone Commander Veridovich: You lose!


Rommel:! This can't be...I...I...


Rommel: Die, clone scum!
Shadow pilot: Arrgh!

Rommel: Die!
Clone trooper: Aarrghgg!

Rommel: Come on, Jack.
Jack Phoenix: I'm sorry...I can't come with you...not until I found out whether my wife is alive or not.
Davy Jones: Be reasonable, son!
Jack Phoenix: I am.

Rommel: What should we do?
Davy Jones: We need to escape. This city's done for.

Clone Commander Yelenko: All your base are belong to the Division!

Clone Commander Yelenko: Jack! I have a license to kill!
Jack Phoenix: I don't need such things.
Clone Commander Yelenko: Urrgh!

Clone Engineer: Now what? I mean, the boss is unconscious and...
Clone Agent Jagi: Relax. I'll find this guy and arrest him.
Clone Engineer: But how?
Clone Agent Jagi: Listen. Jack! I've read your profile and I know what you're capable of!
Jack Phoenix: Good! Then come over and we'll play a little!
Clone Agent Jagi: Damn you!

Clone Agent Jagi: C'mon Jack. Surrender now.
Jack Phoenix: Why should I?
Clone Agent Jagi: Because...well, let's just say that I certainly wouldn't want to be you when Yelenko wakes up.
Jack Phoenix: Okay, maybe this time. But promise me that I can break out of their prison.
Clone Agent Jagi: Definately you can. I mean, the guards are pretty dumb and all...

Soon, onboard the Star Destroyer Showdown:

Clone Commander Yelenko: Well, that wasn't much of an escape, Mr. Phoenix, or was it?
Jack Phoenix: ...

Clone Commander Yelenko: Jagi, I want you to get somebody of the officers to oversee the prioner transport?
Clone Agent Jagi: What prisoner transport?
Clone Commander Yelenko: Veridovich's troopers have caught some high commanders of that city and they're being transported here.
Clone Agent Jagi: I understand, commander.

Clone Commander Yelenko: I'll leave my helmet here and I want you to polish it.
Division Elite Trooper: Yes sir!

Clone Commander Yelenko: Well, let's go, fugitive.
Jack Phoenix: Damn you clones!

Meanwhile, on the deck of Showdown, two admirals are discussing:

Older Admiral: You certainly have a good point, Jerjerrod.
Admiral Jerjerrod: Thank you, sir.

Clone Agent Jagi: Excuse me, sirs.
Older Admiral: Yes?
Clone Agent Jagi: Clone Commander Yelenko is requesting an officer to oversee a prisoner transport.

Older Admiral: I know that you're a trustworthy admiral, Jerjerrod. And I'm sure the commodore would also accept this. So, take two security staff members and go oversee that prisoner transportation.
Admiral Jerjerrod: Thank you, sir.

Admiral Jerjerrod: A prisoner transport...that can get quite messy.

Clone Commander Yelenko: G'day, Admiral.
Admiral Jerjerrod: Good day, clone commander.

Admiral Jerjerrod: Well, this is it, guys. Are you ready?
Security Staff Member: Yes sir!


Clone trooper: Move along, prisoners!
Troy: I'll curse you! And your family! And your father!

Ed Jackson: Please help us, sir.
Admiral Jerjerrod: I wish I could.

Troy: Curse you filthy Republican scums!
Admiral Jerjerrod: That's what they all say.

Admiral Jerjerrod: Was that it?
Clone trooper: Oh no, sir. There's plenty more coming soon here.

Admiral Jerjerrod: I need to go for a while. I'll be back soon, so, keep an eye on the upcoming prisoners.
Security Staff Member: As you wish, sir.

Admiral Jerjerrod (thinking): I much more and how afwul are they going to be?


Jack Phoenix: Morning, guys.
Security Staff Members: Good day, admiral.
Clone trooper: Hmmm...

Clone trooper: That's no admiral! It's a prisoner!
Jack Phoenix: Darn!
Security Staff Member: Let's get him!

Several shots are fired and they are heard by people on the deck of the ship.

Clone Commander Yelenko: Gunshots!
Harrison Ford: It seems so.
Commodore: Oh dear...

Harrison Ford: I'll go check what that was all about.
Clone Commander Yelenko: You do that. Commodore, order a lockdown.
Commodore: As you wish, commander.

Harrison Ford: I feel an unusual aura...

Jack Phoenix (thinking): Damn clones...I better be prepared for more...

Jack Phoenix: Stop! Wait...Harrison Ford?!
Harrison Ford: Jack Phoenix?!

Harrison Ford: I take it that you were behind those gunshots?
Jack Phoenix: Yeah.

Harrison Ford: Or that's what it seems like.
Jack Phoenix: Well...they were in my way.

Clone Commander Yelenko: That Division guy hasn't returned yet. Could you check where he went?
Clone Agent Jagi: Of course, commander.

Harrison Ford: Drop the gun or I'll shoot!
Jack Phoenix: No, Harrison, no! He's Jagi, a friend!

Harrison Ford: Uh...hi then. Sorry about that.
Clone Agent Jagi: No problem. Wasn't the first time someone pointed me with a gun.

Jack Phoenix: Jagi, go free the Terminal City prisoners and why not all other prisoners. Well plan our attack here.
Clone Agent Jagi: That might take a while, though, Jack.

Jack Phoenix: So, we go in into the deck as one, and force everyone against the wall. Jagi takes the commodore, I'll deal with that clone commander myself and you take those security clones. Okay?
Harrison Ford: As long as you make sure nobody finds out the real truth.


Clone Agent Jagi: Come on, guys! You're free now!
Ed Jackson: We...are?
Jack Phoenix: Yes. Go and pick up some weapons and go kill the clones and officers on this ship. We're about to take over.

Troy: Oh yeah, baby! Now were talkin'!

Clone Agent Jagi: Well, they're gone. Shouldn't we get moving also?
Jack Phoenix: I guess...

Elsewhere on ship:

Admiral Jerjerrod: Damn good magazine this is!

Admiral Jerjerrod: Well, better get going to do my job...

Admiral Jerjerrod: ...! ...!
Troy: Blast it, Ed! Blast him!
Ed Jackson: I'm trying...but he's fast!

Commodore: Have you noticed, commander, that neither the mister from Division Command or your man has not yet returned?
Clone Commander Yelenko: I have noticed. What the hell is going on here?

Jack Phoenix: Hands up and against the wall! NOW!
Harrison Ford: But this is not a robbery!

Commodore: Oh lord...
Clone Commander Yelenko: Jagi! How could you double-cross me?!
Clone Agent Jagi: I wasn't never totally loyal to you, Yelenko. Only to Jack.

Jack Phoenix: Your kind had my wife butchered!
Clone Commander Yelenko: It isn't my fault!


Jack Phoenix: It damn well is your fault!

Clone Agent Jagi: Nice shot, Jack. What shall I do with this loser?
Jack Phoenix: Kill him.

Clone Agent Jagi: For great justice.


Clone Agent Jagi: It's done, Jack.
Jack Phoenix: Very good.

Harrison Ford: What shall I do with these losers, Jack?
Jack Phoenix: Kill them. And then, I will be a proud owner of a Republican cruiser! I always dreamed of owning a ship!

Admiral Jerjerrod: Well, I have to fight my way out here...then be it!

Articles about the new characters, places, etc. are being created by me in the Star Wars Fanon wiki. It's like a Wookieepedia for fan-created stuff. I strongly recommend joining. ;)

But as always, comments and feedback are welcome!
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Re: Jack's Tales 1 - Enemy of State
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2006, 02:52 AM »
this will be a day long remembered!

but will there be an episode in real time?

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Re: Jack's Tales 1 - Enemy of State
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That's hard to say. Maybe number 2 would be one..I really can't say. The storyline is hard(er) to do and the pictures can take up quite a bit of space, since my computer has only a memory of 20 gigabytes.

But I downloaded a program called Comic Book Creator, the same that BrentS uses to make his awesome photonovels in comic form and I was thinking about making a comic version... (stupid trial version...only 7 days)

And now, links to infopages on Star Wars Fanon:
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Re: Jack's Tales 1 - Enemy of State
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Harrison Ford. LOL. ;D
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