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DARKLORD'S Collection**UPDATE**1/23/11

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Sitting in the center of the room on a 6 FOOT long folding banquet table is this custom-built correctly scaled Jawa Sandcrawler toy.

2-1/2 Feet tall.   5 Feet 2 inches long.  Full Control Room Cabin,  Front Ramp Loading Bay,  Side Compartment Droid Storage.  Working lights.


A few of my 3-3/4 inch scale custom action figures over the years…

My latest 3-3/4 inch scale custom action figure creation (nearing completion)  The Building Of A Better Boba


Hey! Nice to see you over here Darklord! Again, I bow down to you and your collection.

Army building with ships!  Now that I haven't seen before.  Any plans to open the rest to display like the TIE Interceptors?


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