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So i saw 3 mothers fighting over 1 Lizzie today. Pretty funny to be on the other side every once and a while  ;D

I haven't collected any of these or anything (or seen the movie yet), but after reading your comments I took a minute to check the displays at our local Targets/Wal-Marts this weekend - not a single car to be found.  They had the other odd stuff, plush style, larger talking things, etc. - but no sign of the basic "cars" on the pegs (the $3 or so ones).  3 Wal-Marts and 2 Targets, all sold out, and at Target all of the "rain check" tags were torn out and gone as well.  This line must be crazy hot right now, just kind of interesting to see.

Holographic Elvis:
We got an email update on these at work (Target) and it was giving options for the end cap and how to merchandise it since these are selling so damn well and we can't keep them in stock long enough for the vendor to replenish them.  Our endcap is totally bare right now, no diecast at all.  I opened up 6 cases one day and there was no Chick or Sarge. 

Picked up a blue McQueen, DJ, and Sheriff today.

Since I started paying attention, I've seen exactly one of these on the pegs - the other day at Target.  It was the (regular) Lightning McQueen - and the only one there.  I'm sure its long gone now.  Its amazing to me how hot these are right now, I feel bad for parents trying to find them for their kids.


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