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2004 - 12 INCH?

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Darth Broem:
Anyone heard what 12 inchers are on tap for 2004?  If any?  I barely know what is in store for 2003 but thought I'd ask anyway.  

Last wave of 12" figures I heard of was the Biker Scout w/Speeder Bike, Ewoks, Endor Leia w/Speeder Biker, and ROTJ Luke Skywalker.  Haven't heard anything past those figures, and nothing at all for 2004.

Darth Broem:
Yep, that's the latest that I remember.  I was gone for vacation a few weeks ago.  Thought maybe I might have missed something.  

There's also a new Yoda coming out in the same wave as the Ewoks, Luke and Scout Trooper. Those too are the last ones I've heard about so far.

it was announce at another webiste where someone interview with
hasbro scuplter (he scuplted the new 12" Gamorean Guard, Max Rebo)
that he just finish a total new scupt of Momaw Nadon(Hammerhead).
As far as any others none has been announce!!!!  It would be nice
to see Rebels fleet trooper, Garadan, and even a new total rescupt
of the Imperial Stormtrooper.


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