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Does anyone know if those new Kubrick figures have hit Japan yet (or anywhere else for that matter)?  I'm talking about the Bounty Hunter and the "Early Bird" sets that are the first official Kubrick figures that are to be released.  Also, does anyone know of any reasonably priced sites or people that you can buy them off of?

For some reason I really like these figures.  I picked up almost all of the bootleg SW Kubricks a couple years back, and have really been looking forward to these new and officially licensed versions since they were announced earlier this year.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The only place I've seen these are in magazines.  They look really cool though. ;)

Looks like the new Star Wars Kubricks are finally starting to trickle out.  It appears that only the "early bird" set of Luke, Leia, R2, and Chewie has been released, but check out how cool the pictures of it look:

From the early indications I've seen, including 7 or 8 eBay auctions up for them right now, I think this set will likely run ya' a good $40-60, which is pretty steep.  But they just look too cool to pass up for me!

Ha Ha. That is cute. Yep, I'll have to get a set myself.
Just have to look around the net to find one cheaper.

Yeah, finding a reasonable price on these is going to be the big challenge.

...and don't forget, that ultra-cool bounty hunter 6-pack is due out next!  8)   **drools**


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