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Jesse James:
As per the front page guys, we've got a new feature we're hoping to have run semi-routinely here at  It's our new Custom Chop Shop Wrap-Up (say that 5 times fast, yikes!)

Clicky to Check It Out!

The thanks for the button there go to one of our two graphics gurus here at JD, Rob (Brad being the other).

Our feature is just going to be a wrap-up and highlight of the hobby...  Sometimes we may look at something fromt he past, sometimes something recent or very current...  it all just depends, but it's a great way to look at the news around customizing. 

While I kicked it off tonight, our staffer Ryan will be handling the feature at least some of the time if not most of the time, so it'll be nice to set more eyes on the fine work around the forums here, and kudos to all the customizers featured this week and in the future articles!

I'm really honored you guys put my DS gun dio in there!  Thanks so much!  I'm excited to see what customs will be in there in the future ;D

Jesse James:
Thanks DB,

Yeah, we've been working at doing something routinely for the customizers here but it's tough with everyone having their own responsibilities on staff and things...  Ryan, with me to a lesser extent, will be handling the Chop Shop Wrap-Up....  We're just wanting to make sure the customizers are getting the press they deserve around here, but also it's a good way to get the broader world of customizing out to people who otherwise maybe wouldn't have noticed or checked out this item or that figure... 

Your gun was a front runner from the get-go.  ;)  Something that film-accurate just needed to be put into there.

The newest installment of our Custom Chop Shop Wrap-Up is up on the front page. Click on through to check it out. Let us know what you think and if there is anything you'd like to see added (or removed) in the future.

Jesse James:
Another dandy installment of the Custom Chop Shop Wrap-Up is posted here at!

Clicky the button to check it out!

We take a look at the "What if?" of Star Wars' relatively unexplored gap between E3 and E4 in a great figure from Outrider.  We pay homage to Fritzkrieg's unique use of fodder that isn't even in scale with the Star Wars figures...  Funny how you can MAKE it in scale, huh?  And we take a look at how the Ultimate Group Project is shaping up for Celebration IV...

Click the button above to read up, and keep your eyes peeled for more Custom Chop Shop Wrap-Up features here at JD, as we spotlight the customs on our site as well as the customs news going on around the community at large!


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