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Hes No Good to Me Dead:
And Series 7 is on the Medicom Web site!!!! Yeah!! ;D

Emperors Royal Guard
Scout Trooper
Lando Skiff
Gamorrean Guard
Spirit of Anakin


Who wants new Star Wars Series 7 pictures?   :D

clicky the thumbnails for a better look!


That is a fantastic line-up!

I only hope holo boy and Lando are the only 1 per box figures. I want piles of scouts, a healthy supply of both guards, and a couple Leia's. I'm afraid at least one of the guards will be one per box as well. Leia being a main character, and the scout trooper, being a stormtrooper seem like locks for multiples. But no case has ever had multiples of more than 3.
Series 1 Boba, Bossk, IG-88
Series 2 Sandtrooper, cantina band, Han Solo
Series 3 Han Solo carbonite, wicket, Jawa
Series 4 Darth and Stormtrooper
Series 5 Yoda, Luke Jedi, Death Star Gunner
Series 6 Death Star Trooper, TIE pilot, Luke X wing
Series 7 ?????

Looking forward to this wave big time. Hoping the snowtrooper isn't far behind.

Holy Moses! Those are unbelieveable!!! This is easily my favorite series followed by S1...


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