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Man, I'd really like to get ahold of these two carded Kubricks as well, but they're going to be WAY pricey!  Haven't even seen them hit eBay yet...

I still need the Boba Fett and the carded Vader. I think i may eventually get the Boba, but the Vader just doesnt interest me that much.

i got my fett ard the 200us mark and the luke seems cheap nowadays....

Like to get the Jorg someday. I have a loose Fett, Vader doesn`t impress me. I don`t like the Leia (if I found one really cheap I`d get it though) and Luke, I don`t know, never really had the urge to buy him yet.
Jorg and BH trooper I will get though, someday..

$79 Dlvd for BHS on ebay.  Three available.   Been sitting out there a while now, I thought they'd be gone by now. 


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