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I read somewhere that series 2 will also include Greedo and a Tusken Raider. Anyone else hear about this? They even had pics at SSG but you have to be registered there to see the bigger pics of them.  ::)

Yes, Series 2 is also going to have Greedo and the Tusken Raider! :) They both look absolutely awesome as well

Care to divulge where you saw these Adam?!   :-*  Was it over at SSG also?

One thing that I'm really excited about with this Kubrick line is their obvious focus on the Original Trilogy.  It's also interesting to see them place all their focus from the first 3 waves on ANH figures and the Bounty Hunters.  Very cool.  I wouldn't care in the slightest if they never touched on the Prequel characters myself...   ;)

Nevermind, I found that tiny little thumbnail over there.  Interesting how they've got that whole members only policy of viewing images.  One more example of how they don't like to play well with others...   :-X

Mandalorian Madman:
I also like the vintage focus to the kubrick line.  greedo? sweeeet.  I like the carded ones and I might try and get one of the carded fetts to go with my vintage fett collection, depending on the price, but prolly pass on finding and shelling out for the rest since I primarily tear them open anyway.  either way, nostalgia factor with these guys is very high. kind of started once I saw that early bird set which is just too cool.

lol I was just thinking, "Man, I gotta join this crappy site to see the pictures?!" BLEH! But yes, those are where I saw the pics

JD - You'd keep the Fett carded right? Just making sure you know its the same as the chase figure you can get in the normal lines.

Luckily, there are only two carded figures (at least so far). I hope there is some way to get these fairly easily, but I fear the only way to get them will be to shell out booku bucks


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