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I was looking at DSJ;s pics of series 7, and thought "that is a good series, despite old jell-o man."

So I decided to look for a place to rank the series (feel free to add box-sets in as you like)

1- Series 4   3 Baddies and a Luke Bespin? And piles of stormtroopers? I likey, and wish I had been ordering mastercases back then
2- Series 1   Bossk is the cutest damn brick in my collection. I like the paper/cloth on Zuckuss too
3- Series 2   Sandtrooper, classic Ben and Han, and the band. Very nice.
4- Series 7   I know the gamorrean is a little round for some, but I like the detail and quality on this set. That scout trooper is awesome. As time goes by and these things aren't lying around everywhere, he is going to be sought after. And Yakface, wow. I almost ranked this one above series 2, because of better chase figures.
5- Series 3   Lando and the AT-AT driver are great, as is 3PO. the ewoks and jawas still in abundance drop it down to 5
6- Max Rebo box set.  Medicom does what Hasbro can't- gives us a display environment with the figures
7- Early Bird Set   I probably rank it a little lower than I expected. Chewie Rocks out loud, Luke is luke, and Leia just never seems to turn out quite perfect. R2 is nice, but he is hard to interpret in to blocks.
8-  Luke and Leia Endor    A nice set, and leia's flesh tone is about the best it gets.
9-   Series 6   The rebel fleet trooper beats all of Hasbro's combined, and the droids and pilots are well done, but nothing screams in this set for me. The chase figures are nice, but they are just old men.
10- Series 5   They did nice work on Ackbar, Yoda is pretty good, as is the gunner. Luke Jedi with the cloak was a nice touch. Ponda Baba and Blue snaggletooth were great chase figures, but oeverall I thought this the weakest of the bunch.

I guess I was left thinking series 7 was a bit of a rebound after 5 and 6. What do you think?

hmm... tricky.

I know my favourite is series 2, closely followed by series 7.

Early bird is way up there with series 7.

Maybe the weakest for me was series 3, with carbonite Han, Lando and an ewok.  Only the At-At driver was essential for me there, and I guess c3po to complete the 'gang'

I think my favourites are linked to my level of anticipation for certain figures (leiah and the scout in 7, At At driver in 3) and for the incredible freshness of collecting Kubricks in the first couple.

In terms of quality and detail Series 1 is my favorite followed by the past Series 7. As far as character selection, I like series 3 and 4...

Series 2 is still my favorite set. Indy was the icing on the cake!

I'll only go by series sets (and omit the boxed sets):

1. Series 2
2. Series 1
3. Series 4
4. Series 7
5. Series 3
6. Series 5
7. Series 6


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