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2011 Uncle Milton
« on: April 14, 2011, 09:44 PM »

Uncle Milton sent out a notice about their latest Star Wars offering for 2011...  Check out the Darkside Detector Mini-Saber.  I have the original mini-saber which lets you change crystals so you get various colors.  It is pretty slick on my desk, so I really enjoyed it. 

This one seems cool too...  essentially a "mood saber". :)  Mine will inevitably be red or not work at all I'd wager, haha.

Seriously though, UM's stuff has really impressed me...  It may seem more child-like at first, but ultimately it's really quality stuff, and adds something fun to play with on your work desk during some "downtime", or in your collection room.  The Death Star planetarium has earned a spot on my favorites shelf where I usually only put select items.  It just looks cool, really.  When lit up though, it's even more neat.
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