Author Topic: CAPE OF DECEIT; CHAPTER 2; Brewing Conflict  (Read 3177 times)

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CAPE OF DECEIT; CHAPTER 2; Brewing Conflict
« on: February 22, 2007, 03:23 AM »

Later on board the Trade Federation cruiser, Vicreroy Nute Gunray and Rune Haako met secretly to discuss matters with their mysterious over-lord.

Meeting via hologram, Gunray still wasn't 100% confident about his trust with the Dark Lord.
"My Lord?" Gunray asked. "The Senate will meet tomorrow to discuss the issue concerning the arming of the Federation."
"I expect that the attack has given you more support?" Sidious rasped.

"We hope it will seem that way my Lord." Gunray replied, "What of the terrorists, what would your plans be my lord after the senate session, if indeed we manage to get our bill passed?"

"That, we shall have to wait to discover Viceroy." Sidious rasped, "But I have every confidence that the Senate will see fit to pass this bill."

CORUSCANT; At that end of the Senate District, three Jedi Masters conferred while on their way for a meeting with the Supreme Chancellor.

"Our sources point towards the Aluga Front." Qui Gon Jinn said, "Hiding out in the Semola system."

"Then that should be our first port of call." Master Mace Windu said, "We can inform the Chancellor of this when we meet with him."

"And that will be the first place I start to look through." Master Hanuck said.

The next day, in the Senate Session, Chancellor Valorum opened Senate with the usual debates concerning health and education, before moving onto the more pressing matters.

"We now recognise the threat posed by these terrorists." Valorum said, "And it won't be before long that their cause picks up pace. Which is why we have decided to draft some legislation, on the recommendation of Senator Palpatine of Naboo."

"Will the Trade Federation finally be given the right to defend itself?" Senator Lott Dod shouted from his senate pod.

"Quite possibly so." Valorum replied, "However, the administration as a whole considers an army to be a negative move...therefore we feel the need to hold some accountability over the armed forces of the Federation. Senator Palpatine?"

Palpatine cleared his throat, "Supreme Chancellor, delegates of the Senate, after commissioning a report, in which I myself took part in, I believe the best way in which to hold this army to account is to place a taxation on the Corporations, notably a taxation of the current free shipping zones."

"This is outrageous!" Lott Dod shrieked, "You have no right Senator. You would suggest that the Federation must be taxed simply to defend itself?! This is incredible!"
Soon after that, like many senate sessions, the congress fell into chaos.

Later that afternoon, Hanuck and several leading Jedi members met Chancellor Valorum in the grounds of the Senate gardens.

"The Senate wishes to grant the Federation an army, and I cannot disagree with them." Valorum said, "My majority is so thin nowadays that the opposition groups hold the key to passing legislation."

"The Jedi Council shall do whatever it can to crush the terrorist threat." Master Windu said, "You have our support Chancellor."

"My investigation will soon have results Chancellor. Master Qui Ginn has located a possible hideaway belonging the whereabouts of the terrorists." Master Hanuck said.

"And with the Senate baying for blood, they jump upon every fault, every weakness in my administration. I fear that without a majority the government will be crippled and weakened." Valorum sighed, "Master Yoda, what are your thoughts?"

"Difficult this situation is. More than meets the eye, this terrorist plot is." Yoda said, "If to be solved, concessions are to be made, by the Senate and the Trade Federation."

Jedi Master Hanuck arrived on the barren world of Semola.
Silence...was the first thing that he noticed. It was a deathly silent world. But, nonetheless, something spooked him about it. He could sense the ripples in the force. The terrorists were here.

Hanuck looked around, the place appeared empty. Not a sign of life anywhere, but his sensitivity to the force told him otherwise.

Suddenly, without warning, not even from the force, a Geonosian leapt upon Hanuck from behind, restraining his arms against his sides.

Before he knew what was happening, he was surrounded by geonosians.

Then came the leader, Griger the Terrible. A known terrorist, who evaded Jedi arrest years prior.
"Welcome Jedi." Griger clicked. "What brings you to our sanctuary?"

"I am investigating a series of terrorist activity culminating in the destruction of a Trade Federation cargo ship." Hanuck said, "I thought I'd start here, Griger."

"And you think we had something to do with the attack?" Griger said with a slimey click to his voice.

"Your ship was located in the area by Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn." Hanuck said, "You are a known enemy to the Federation, with convictions in the Republic for terrorism against the Corporate Alliance."

"This chap does his history." Griger clicked. He waved an insectoid arm up, "Kill him."

Knowing that the time for attack had come, Hanuck sprung his lightsabre from his belt and swung it towards his captor, severing the Geonosians head.

"Drop It!" Another Geonosian shouted, wielding a heavy blaster rifle, "I said drop it!"

Hanuck pierced the bug's exoskeleton, which crackled with a short hiss. The Geonosian howled and crumbled to the ground.

Spinning on his heels, Hanuck turned towards the other Geonosian warrior, wielding a heavy force pike, about to strike.

Hanuck slashed across, cutting the Geonosians arm from it's socket, and slashing deep into the bug's body.

Hanuck turned and finished off the remaining Geonosians, cutting the bug's throat out from it's body.

Turning, he surveyed the scene of carnage, looking for the leader, Griger, and it was only then, that Hanuck realised that the Geonosian had fled.

Griger had fled the moment the lightsabre had been ignited, although committed to bringing down the corrupt system of the Republic, Griger had no intention to going head to head with a Jedi warrior.

Griger leapt onto the structure, trying to climb to his shuttle where he would flee the planet. This was part of the deal that Lord Sidious had failed to mention.
Suddenly, looking up, Griger saw another figure standing above him.

Hanuck ran in the direction that he believed Griger had fled to. When he heard what sounded like a lightsabre being ignited up ahead.
 It must be the hum of my own sabre. Hanuck thought to himself.

By the time Hanuck arrived, he found Griger's body, decapitated and slashed across the middle, by what looked like lightsabre wounds.

Standing in the shadows, another figure stood watching the Jedi Master, hoping for the day when he could strike the Jedi down.

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Re: CAPE OF DECEIT; CHAPTER 2; Brewing Conflict
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2007, 04:14 PM »
 ;D Awesome!! I love anything with Jedi in it especially Qui-Gon ;D
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Re: CAPE OF DECEIT; CHAPTER 2; Brewing Conflict
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2007, 03:08 AM »
Cheers for the comments, later on, we shall see Qui Gon Jinn in action...on Naboo...and yesterday I shot a photo of him being impaled by Darth Maul's lightsabre in the Theed Generator Room. Hint to where this photonovel is heading.

Glad you are enjoying this.