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W: Appo 501st & Kashyyyk Clone Trooper...Tons to trade
« on: February 10, 2007, 07:49 AM »

Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter "loose is fine"   

Star Wars figures (loose are fine on both of these - want lots of each)   
Appo 501st (# 64)        *****TOP PRIORTY *****   
Kashyyyk Clone Trooper (# 65)        *****TOP PRIORTY *****   
Clone Trooper 442nd Siege Battalion (# 57)   
Clone Trooper 5th Fleet Security (# 59)   

Please e-mail    

Prices are for SINGLE item purchases…Will Discount on multiple item purchases    

Star Wars   
Saga 2006   
UGH General Grevious   
UGH Darth Vader   
UGH Snow Trooper   
UGH Commander Cody   
UGH AT-AT Driver   
UGH Anakin   
UGH Obi Wan   
UGH Han Solo   
"LOOSE Army Builders"   
Commander Bly with Binoc removed x 2   
Commander Bly (from Target Set) x 8   
Commander Gree x 7   
AT-RT Driver x 24   
AT-TE x 6   
Mace Windu's Attack Battalion Battle Pack:   
Purple SA Clone Trooper x 20   
Purple Airborne Clone Trooper x 2   
Ep III Deluxe Clones (pre-posed):   
Standing Clone (white) x 2   
Kneeling Clone (white) x 3   
Laying Clone (white) x 2   
Standing Clone (redish/brown half circles) x 4   
Kneeling Clone (green - 442nd) x 2   
Laying Clone (blue - 5th fleet) x 2   
Ep II Clones - Clone Wars multi-pack:   
Standing Clone (white) x 4   
Standing Forward stance Clone w/binocs (white) x 2   
Kneeling Clone (white) x 3   
Laying Clone (white) x 3   
Standing (yellow)    
Standing (blue)   
Laying Clone (red)    
AOTC sneak Preview Clones x 5   
Snow Trooper Saga 2 x 22   
Snow Trooper OTC x 5   
Sun Fac x 6   
Republic Commando Flying Geno x 6   
Super Battle Droids Ep II version x 4   
Super Battle Droids Ep II deluxe version x 12   
Super Battle Droids Ep III version x 5   
Super Battle Droids Clone Wars multi-pack version x 6   
Destroyer Droid Clone Ware multi-pack version x 5   
Mace Windu & Aayla Secura (Target battle Pack)    
"LOOSE Figures"   
Rebel Solider (Saga) Clean   
Rebel Solider (Saga) Beard   
Bespin Han Solo (POTJ)   
C-3PO (Flashback)    
Leia (POTF 2 Comm tech)   
Saesee Tinn (Ep III)   
Ayy Vida - Outlander Nightclub (Saga) no chair   
Obi Wan in Clone Armor (no Lance) x 2   
Chewbacca "Marvel Comicbook version" x 2   
Rebel Pilots:   
Wedge Antilles (POTF 2) from carrying case   
Wedge Antilles (POTF 2) from Cinema Scene   
Wedge Antilles (POTF 2) from Cinema Scene w/out helmet   
A-Wing Pilot Arvel Crynyd from Cinema Scene   
Biggs Darlighter (POTF 2)   
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot (POTJ)   
POTF 2 GRAB BAG (no weapons)   
Han Solo, CT Han Solo, Han Carbonite, Luke Ceremonial, Lando Skiff, Tuskin Raiders x 4   
Star Wars LEGO   
7104 Desert Skiff (MISB)   
7113 Tuskin Raider Encounter (MISB)   
7140 X-Wing Fighter (loose) Just X-Wing, R2 & Luke   
7146 Tie Fighter (loose) no pilot or stand   
7110 Landspeeder (loose)   
7127 Imperial AT-ST (loose)   
4477 T-16 Skyhopper (loose)   
7111 Droid Fighter (loose) x 4   
Lego Figures:   
Battle Droid Commanders x 3   
8002 Super Battle Droid Technic (loose)   
Tomy Mini-Helmet Collection   
Gentle Giant Bust-Ups   
Comic Con 2006 Fire Vader   
Emperor Holographic variant   
Royal Guards    
Clone Trooper Army Builder Set (missing 1 large rifle)   
Clone Trooper (white) Short Blaster   
AT-AT Driver   
Vader on Ice   
General Grievous   
Boba Fett   
Jango Fett   
Jedi Luke   
Luke X-Wing Pilot x 2   
Spirit of Anakin   
TRU Exclusives: Wicket w/box   
Unleashed Battle Pack figures   
Hoth Vader, Hoth Luke and Hoth Rebel Solider (guy with grenade in left hand)   
Kashyyyk Yoda and 2 Wookiee Warriors ALL from 10 pack set version   
Destroyer Droids x 2   
Kashyyyk Clone Troopers from 10-pack (1 Kneeling, 1 standing & 2 w/version holding 2 guns)   
Galactic Heroes   
Hoth Rebel Solider x 2   
Vader, Chewy w/small blaster, Dengar, 4 LOM, Old Ben Kenobi, R2-D2 & C3-PO   
Ep III Chewy, R2-D2 with Blast effect   
Hardcover Novels   
Star Wars Trilogy   
Star Wars: The Cestus Deception   
Force Blasters   
Force Blasters "loose" complete: ($48 entire set of figures)   
Han Solo   
Chewbacca (2nd version)   
Obi Wan Kenobi   
Mace Windu   
General Grevious (1st version)   
DVD Commemorative Sets   
Return of the Jedi - Darth Vader, Emperor & Stormtrooper   
Boba Fett - 300th Edition .0100   
Aurra Sing   
Darth Maul   
Tuskin Raider   
Star Wars Attacktix:   
Series 4:   
Black Bases:   
05 Royal Guard   
06 AT-ST Driver   
08 Imperial Officer   
14 Admiral Ackbar   
Series 3:   
05 X-Wing Pilot (Chrome)   
07 Bossk (Chrome)   
12 Captain Antilles (Chrome)   
13 Tuskin Sniper (Chrome)   
26 Biggs Darklighter (Chrome)   
27 Wedge (Chrome)   
Black Bases:   
01 Stromtrooper   
02 Tie Pilot   
03 Tuskin Raider   
04 Rebel Fleet Trooper   
09 Imperial Officer   
13 Tuskin Sniper   
14 Princess Leia x 2   
28 Luke as Stormtrooper "NEW" version x 2   
Series 2:   
09 Clone Captain (Chrome)   
12 Battle Droid Commander (Chrome)   
13 Bossk (Chrome)    
14 Princess Leia (Chrome)   
Action Fleet "loose"   
Millennium Falcon   
Tie Bomber   
Vaders Tie Fighter   
Solar Sailor   
Naboo Fighter   
Burger King Ep III Promo items   
Breathing Sound Darth Vader   
Mystery Darth Vader (has Anakin inside)   
ARC Clone Fighter Cosmic Cruiser   
Naboo Fighter Cosmic Cruiser   
Snowspeeder Cosmic Cruiser   
Vulture Droid Cosmic Cruiser   
Darth Vader's Tie Fighter Pull-Back   
Jedi Starfighter Pull-Back   
Millennium Falcon Pull-Back   
Pod Racer Pull-Back   
X-Wing Pull-Back   
Bail Organa Shadow Caster   
Jabba the Hutt Water Squirter   
R2-D2 Water Squirter   
Anakin Skywalker Galactic Spinner   
Chewbacca Galactic Spinner   
Luke Skywalker Galactic Spinner   
Kit Fisto Jedi Wisdom   
Mace Windu Jedi Wisdom   
Obi Wan Jedi Wisdom   
Yoda Jedi Wisdom   
C-3PO Viewer   
Darth Maul Viewer   
Luke Skywalker Viewer   
Mace Windu Viewer   
ObiWan Kenobi Viewer   
Gungam Army "loose" $24 entire set   
Kaadu x 2   
Gungan Assault Cannon    
Gungan Energy Ball Catapult Set   
Vehicles "Loose"   
KB Toys Tie Fighter x 2   $18 each
Air Speeder (Expanded Universe)   
Anakin's Podracer Ep I   
Jabba the Hutt POTF 2   
Jabba the Hutt (Ep I slime version)   
Star Wars 12" Figures Loose    
OTC Boba Fett    
POTJ Sith Lords Darth Maul    
Zuckuss (Saga)   
4-LOM (POTJ)    
Death Star Droid (POTJ)    
Ben Kenobi w/Blastshield Helmet    
Jawas (Saga)     
Imperial Officer (Saga)    
Hoth Leia    
TRU Leia Boushh w/Han Carb    
C-3PO w/C-3PO Book (Complete) MIB C-9    
Han Solo w/Tauntaun    
Boba Fett (KB Toys) Electronic    
Dewback w/Sandtrooper    
Ep I:    
Capt. Tarpals w/Kaadu    
Ep I Obi Wan Kenobi    
Darth Maul Electronic    
Applause 10" Vinyl Figures   
Prince Xizor   
Boba Fett   


DC Direct "carded"   
J'Onn J'Onzz/Martin Manhunter Unmasked   
Golden Age Atom 2-pack   
DC Direct "loose"   
Superman Through the Ages: w/box & 2 Supermans (missing Sups: For Tomorrow & Robot)   
JLA Series:    
Elongated Man   
Alex Ross Justice   
Poison Ivy (boxed)   
Superman: Superman: Series 1 (1st version, nice face)   
Superman: Brainiac: Series 1    
Teen Titans:   
Brother Blood "new"   
DC Direct Silver Age   
Batman & Robin (MIB)   
Batman Yamato   
Series 2    
Batman "loose"   

Mattel Batman "loose"   
Artic Shield Batman   
Battle Board Robin (green)   
Animated Batmna, Nightwing & Batgirl (All same colored Blue outfits)   

DC figures Hasbro "loose"   
Animated Batman & Superman:   
Batman (silver outfit with Grappling Hook)   
Bruce Wayne in Grey coat   
Batman Beyond 1st release Blue outfit w/red wings   
Batman Beyond w/Snap on Armor   
Lex Luthor   
Superman w/Metal Tube in Swing pose  (from a deluxe set)   
Mid-90's Superman line: Conduit   
Joker from Hasbro 6"  (Cane and cards in hand)   
Spidey Friends "loose"  $54 for set   
Captain America (Air Rescue)   
Doc Ock (orange & green)   
Hulk (Super Strength) w/Rock   
Spider-Girl (Skating)   
Ice Man (Water Blast)   
Thing (Mega Muscle)   
Wolverine (Classic) disc shooter   
Marvel Collectors Club   
Spider-man Statue   
DS mini-busts   
Ultimate Thor   
DS Figures    
Moon Knight (sealed)   
Marvel Superhero Showdown figures "loose"   
Captain America   
Dr. Doom   
Human Torch   
Invisible Woman    
Iron man   
Mole man   
Mr. Fantastic   
Marvel Legends Carded   
Cyclops "variant"   
Angel "variant"   
Abomination "variant"   
Captain Marvel “variant”   
Destroyer "varient"   
Marvel ToyBiz Figures "loose"   
Marvel Roto 12" Figures   
Wolverine Unmasked   
Spidey (darker outfit)   
Green Goblin   
Movie Thing   
Marvel Legends loose   
Marvel Legends series 2 "loose"   
Captain America   
Marvel Legends series 5 "loose"    
Marvel Legends series 9 "loose" w/out Galac parts:   
Dr. Strange   
Mr. Sinister   
Marvel Legends series 10 "loose" w/out Sentinel parts   
1st Appearance Spider-Man   
Omega Red   
Marvel Legends series 11 "loose"   
Thing "Origin"   
Marvel Legends series 12 "loose"   
Bishop (bald varient)   
Marvel Legends series 13 "loose"   
Marvel Legends "Wal mart" wave "loose"   
Wolverine (burnt head)    
Thor ???   
Sabretooth (Age of)   
X-men & FF Classics "loose"   
Arch Angel wave 1   
Angel wave 2   
Cyclops Stealth wave 2   
Mr. Fantastic   
Boxed Set: Iron Lad   
Spiderman Classics   
Spider-man Classics "loose":   
Spiderman 2002-current "loose":   
Lizard (re-paint version from the late 90's)   
Daredevil (series 6)   
Ultimate Doc Ock   
Marvel Superheroes Boxed Set "late 90's"   
All are loose:   
Avengers boxed set (Thor, Hulk, Giant man, Iron man, mini-figs & ants)   
Classic X-men boxed set(Cyclops, Ice man, Angel, Beast & Jean Grey)   
"New" X-men boxed set (Strom, Thunderbird, Sun Fire, Nightcrawler & Siryn's Dad)   
Alpha Flight "late 90's" $22 set   
Snow Bird   
Vindicator (Heather Hudson)   
Marvel Movie Figures "loose"   
Marvel Legend Style "Movie" Figures:   
X-men: The Movie   
Magneto (X-men 1)   
Storm (low Cut top)   
Jean Grey      
Jean Grey in Slime    
Wolverine (Jeans & Cloth Coat outfit)   
X2: X-Men United   
Super Articulated Wolverine   
Spiderman Movie   
Doc Ock Super Articulated    
Spiderman 2: Super Articulated   
Hulk "Movie" with twist waist punch   
Fantastic Four   
Dr. Doom (version 1)   
Mr. Fantastic (version 1 & version 2)   
Human Torch (version 1)   
Thing (Version 1 and the more articulated version w/strecthed out Mr. F)   
Invisible Woman series 1 (clear)   
X-men Evolutions "loose"   
Wolverine "battle Damaged"   
Marvel Superheros "loose"   
(most of these figures DO NOT have accessories, please ask)   
Silver Age (DS exclusives)   
Captain America   
Spider-man 90's:   
Dop (six armed Sdidey)   
Fantastic Four animated:   
series 3 Annihilus   
series 4 Wizard   
Iron Man animated   
series 1 Blacklash   
series 2 Blizzard   
Marvel Super Heroes: Deathlok   
Vault Typhoid Mary   
X-men figures ($28 for complete set of X-men figures)   
Deadpool w/removeable mask   
Juggernaut "classic light-up"   
Wolverine "Ninja Force"   
Sabertooth "Ninja Force"   
Sabretooth: ripped shirt   
Magneto (Age of)   
Apolocospe (Age of)   
TMNT "loose" $36 for entire set   
Turtle Lair Playset   
Shell Cycle   
Foot Elite Guard x 4   
Tomb Raider   
Lara Croft plastic statue (in game outfit) Playmates   
Alien & Predator "loose"   
Predator Cinemacast statue (Hasbro)   
Predator Roto figure (Hasbro/Kenner) loose   
Alien mini-bust Palisades (1st)   
Alien Warrior mini-bust Palisades (2nd)   
Predator mini-bust Palisades (open face 1st)   
Predator mini-bust Palisades (Mask 2nd bust)   
Mez Its - "loose"  $24 all 3 sets    
Predator Set   
Alien Set   
Aliens Set   
Hellboy Movie Figures "loose" $34 set of 4   
Sammael x 2   
Monster Toys "Carded"   
SOTA Toys:   
Movie Maniacs 7:   
Clive Barker's Tortured Souls 2 $28 all 5   
McFarlane Toys "loose" $28 for all   
Movie Maniacs (no movie posters)   
King Kong no/base   
Ghost Face   
Pumpkin head   
Series 6   
The Freak   
Series 8   
Gate Keeper   
Series 11   
Ogre re-paint   
Series 12    
Series 14: Dark Ages Spawn 2   
Viper King: blue version    
Anime & Import Figures   
Darkstalkers ToyBiz series "loose" $14 set   
Red Ridding Hood   
Wolf man   
Evangelion "boxed"   
GX-16 EVA 00 Proto Type Blue - Die Cast   
Evangelion - Master Model Production:   
Art Asylum - Sachiel the 3rd Angel   
Test Type EVA-01 "Hard Core Mode"   
Robotech "loose"   
Alpha Super Poseables Toynami:   
Shadow Fighter   
VFA-61 Lancer   
VFA-6Z Rook Bartley   
VFA-6H Scott Bernard   
Super Poseable Veritech Fighters:   
VF-1J Mirya's   
VF-1J Ben Dixon's   
Super Poseable Macross Fighters   
Skull & Crossbones (black)   
Skull & Crossbones (blue)   
Skull & Crossbones (red)   
Invid Shock Trooper (purple)   
Invid Scout   
I-Men "New Generation" Set $19   
Scott Bernard/VFA-6H Alpha Fighter   
Lancer/Cyclone Armor Lancer   
Rand/Cyclone Armor Rand   
Rook Bartly/VFA-6Z Alpha Fighter   
Cyclone Armor Rook/VFA-61 Alpha Fighter   
I-Men "Macross" Set $19   
VF-1J/Max Sterling   
VF-1J/Roy Fokker   
VF-1J/Rick Hunter   
VF-1J/Ben Dixon   
Front Missions 3 Kotobukiya "loose"   
All 5 Mechs are available    
Mircoman "loose"   
Microman Master Force   
MF2-01 Skymaster Hayate   
MF2-02 Broundmaster Alan   
MF2-04 Automaster Ryan   
Microman Acroyear X …………..$22 set of 4   
AX-11 Acroscorl   
AX-12 Acrocleve   
AX-13 Acrovoltech   
AX-14 Acrobiom   
MA-07 Batman   
MA-08 Batman Flight Gear   
Microman Magneforce:   
Blue "loose"   
Yellow carded   
Green carded   
Marvel Superhero Showdown figures "loose"   
Captain America   
Dr. Doom   
Human Torch   
Invisible Woman    
Iron man   
Mole man   
Mr. Fantastic   
G.I. Joe   
Palisades Mini-Busts:   
Trading Cards:   
1991 set - series 1   
Sigma Six (loose & complete):  $48 for Entire set   
Snake Eyes (Ninja Showdown) w/DVD   
Spirit Iron-Knife   
Tunnel Rat   
Long Range   
Sea Ops Duke   
Storm Shadow (Ninja Showdown)   
G.I. Joe 3 3/4"   
Modern Army Builders 2000 thru 2006:   
ALL Army Builder figures come with figure stands   
TRU Cobra Infantry Sets:   
All Cobra Infantry Forces comes with Marauder "Gun-Runners" weapons   
Cobra Infantry Forces Complete Sets x 8    
 (Complete set comes with these weapons: AK-47 w/wood stock x 3, Ak-47 folding stock,    
Dragonov Sniper Rifle and M249 SAW w/bipod)   
These Cobra TRU figures come with AK-47 w/wood stock   
Cobra Squad Leader (v2) x 27    
Cobra Infantry Trooper (version 1 - red eyebrows) x 11   
Cobra Infantry Trooper (version 3 - blonde eyebrows) x 8   
Cobra Infantry Trooper (version 4 - African-American) x 11   
DTC Army Builders:   
Cobra Night Watch Sets x 10   
Crimson Guard x 22   
Cobra Trooper x 27   
Medi-Viper x 8   
Range Viper x 20   
Snow Serpent x 12 (5 of these have a Snow Wolf waist w/sculpted front pouch)   
Viper Guards (Lockdown Set) x 27   
Valor vs. Venom Army Builders:   
Cobra B.A.T. (version 8)  x 20   
Cobra B.A.T. II 3.2 (v12 )  x 43 (w/28 Long Gun Attach, 29 Short Guns Attach, 12 Rifles black &     
BONUS 14 pairs of arm attachment guns from v13) plus 27 extra backpacks   $9 ea
Cobra C.L.A.W.S. (red) w/O-ring x 15 (w/rifles, knives and 5 large cannons)   $6.50 ea
Cobra Ninja - Shadow Strike x 4   
Cobra Viper (version 13) x 50 (w/AK-47s, Heckler & Koch G-36 Assault Rifles & Scorpion Pistol)   $7 ea
Crimson Shadow Guard (mix of ninja weapons) x 12   $6.50 ea
Electric Eel (Blue version) x 2   
Electric Eel (Red version) x 10   
Night Creeper (v7) x 16 (w/swords & shealth from version8 x 9, 2 robots, sniper rifles x 8)   $6.50 ea
Night Creeper (v9) w/Sub-gun, Sword & Sheath x 8   $6 ea
Ninja Cobra Strike Team complete set   
Ninja Cobra Strike Team: Black Dragon Ninja x 4 (no bag)   
Ninja Cobra Strike Team: Red Ninja Viper x 6 (mix of weapons from others sets…cool weapons)   $7.50 ea
Python Patrol Tele Viper x 18   
Python Patrol Vipers x 33    
Sand Vipers ( version 3) Black/Red color x 5   
Sand Vipers ( version 5) Blue color x 23   
Sand Vipers (single pack version 4) w/AK-47 & helmet x 20   
Swamp Rats (single card version) w/2 knives & helmet x 3   
Swamp Rats w/2 knives & helmet x 13   $6 ea
Tele-Viper (version 5) x 11   
Walmart Exclusives - Urban Cobra C.L.A.W.S. (v6) x 22   
Walmart Exclusives - Urban Iron Grenadier (v4)  x 21   
Walmart Exclusives - Urban Neo Vipers x 22   
Spy Troops Army Builders:   
Black Dragon (from Ninja Battles set) x 3   
Cobra B.A.T (v13) Blue x 16   $6.50 ea
Cobra B.A.T 3.2 w/Cobra on leg x 4   
Cobra B.A.T 3.2 (Cutom added regular arm/hand) x 10 w/bp & gun from v3   
Cobra Coils (red) x 3   
Cobra Coils (silver) x 6   
Cobra Coils (v1) x 21   
Cobra Mechanic (recondo figure - blue) Just like the Movie x 6   
Cobra Ninja Troopers x 11   
Cobra Viper (v10) x 31 (red/blue) w/AK-47 x 17 (see Agent Scarlet) & bp  (see CLAWS 2002)   
Heavy Water x 11 (w/4 spear guns…will provide a few extra guns)   $6.50 ea
Iron Grenadier (black version) x 50   $7 ea
Iron Grenadier (grey version) x 4   
Nightcreepers (light blue) x 9   
Python Patrol: Lamprey x 2    
Python Patrol: Laser Viper x 5   
Sand Vipers (v1) w/helmet & Heckler & Koch G-36 Assault Rifles x 36   $7.50 ea
Sand Vipers (v2) w/helmet & Heckler & Koch G-36 Assault Rifles x 18   
Tele-Viper (v3) x 11   
G.I.Joe vs. Cobra Army Builders:   
B.A.T. Army Builder Internet Exclusive (B.A.T. V.2) x 33   
B.A.T. Army Builder Internet Exclusive (Inferno B.A.T.) x 24   
Cobra B.A.T.S (version 3) Cobra on leg x 10   
Cobra CLAWS (blue) (v4) w/Wild Bills pistol (fits in holster) x 23   
Cobra Viper (v6) (grey/green) w/Silver Mirage rifles & bp (see CLAWS 2002) x 22   
Cobra Viper (v7) (purpleish/blue) x 43…. w/graphite Mirage rifle/scope x 30, "new" AK-47 w/   
bayonet and bp (see CLAWS 2002)   
Single Modern GI Joes & Cobras:   
Grand Slam   
Hannibal: Reborn   
Major Barrage   
Major Bludd x 2   
Med Alert   
SAW Viper   
Scrap Iron   
Spirit Iron Knife (v2) w/bonus eagle from v1   
Valor vs. Venom:   
Ace (from Tigerhawk)   
Agent Jinx   
Alpine (single card) added Black Rope   
Alpine (v4) Tiger Force   
Barrel Roll (v2) w/Air Glider   
Bomb Strike   
Dart w/Gun Station   
Double Clutch   
Dr. Link Talbot   
Duke (Desert) v16   
Duke (green) v20   
Dusty v9   
Frostbite wave 6   
General Abernathy   
Grunt (Night Force)   
Gung Ho (v16)   
Gung Ho v13   
Heavy Duty (light face Single card version) v10   
Kamakura (v2)   
Kamakura (v3)   
Kamakura v4 (no nunchucks)   
Recondo (Night Force) v4   
Roadblock (Custom Night Force)   
Sanke Eyes (Black) ver 19   
Sanke Eyes (v23) w/extra wolf   
Scarlet (Desert Patrol)   
Scarlet (v6) single card version   
Scarlet v4   
Sgt. Bazooka   
Sgt. Stalker v4   
Shipwreck (from Boat - Cutter)   
Snake Eyes (from Ninja Set) v22   
Snake Eyes (v19) from Cycle   
Snake Eyes (v25)   
Snake Eyes (wave 7) v17   
Switch Gears (Desert Patrol)   
Tiger Paw   
Tunnel Rat (v8) w/Sniper Rifle & v6 bp (instead of that water gun thing)   
Tunnel Rat (ver 6)   
Wal-mart Exclusive: (Duke, Gung Ho & Roadblock desert outfits)   
Wal-mart Exclusive: (Roadblock desert outfit)   
Wild Bill (v9)   
Wild Bill (ver 8) from Tiger Storm   
Valor vs. Venom (Cobra):   
Baroness (version 4) light blue   
Cobra Commander (v16) missing Venom Staff   
Cobra Commander (v19)   
Cobra Slash   
Croc Master   
Firefly (v10) from comic 3-pack (w/extra complete set of weapons & gear)   
Heavy Water (Club Exclusive)   
Jungle Viper (Club exclusive)   
Overkill (version 5)   
Razorclaw v2   
Razor Trooper x 2   
Storm Shadow (v19) from comic 3-pack x 3   
Storm Shadow (v19) from comic 3-pack - incomplete   
Storm Shadow (mail away) x 2   
Venomous Maximus   
Wild Wessel   
Zartan (v7)   
Spy Troops:   
Barrel Roll (v1)   
Big Brawler w/Gun station   
Chief Torpedo x 2 (both come w/extra Recondo rifle)   
Crosshairs x 2   
Depthcharge (v1)   
Duke (v12)   
Grunt (from Battle Blitz) v5   
Grunt (v7)    
Gung Ho (v11)   
Gung Ho (Night Force)   
Kamakura (v1) short neck version   
Kamakura (v1) long neck version   
Nunchuck (Night Force)   
Recondo x 2   
Roadblock x 2   
Sgt. Airborne   
Shipwreck (no cap sculpt) v6   
Shipwreck (v7) from Cobra Mountain Playset   
Switch Gears   
Wide Scope   
Wild Bill (Tiger Force)   
Spy Troops (Cobra):   
Black Out   
Cobra C.L.A.W.S. Commander x 3   
Cobra C.L.A.W.S. Commander (helmet glused on)   
Cobra Commander (v14)   
Cobra Commander (v18)   
Crimson Command Copter w/Tomax & Xamot   
Destro (v10)   
Overkill (v2) x 3   
Overkill (v3) desert    
Ripper (v2)    
Ripper (v3)    
Zartan (v6)   
Zartan (v6 parts with v5 chest)    
G.I.Joe vs. Cobra:   
Agent Scarlet (v1) w/out bp   
Beachhead w/bp   
Dart x 2   
Duke w/O-ring (v11)   
Flint (w/Darts legs instead) MUCH better   
Gung Ho w/pistol & knife   
Sgt. Stalker (v1) incomplete   
Sgt. Stalker (v2) incomplete   
Snake Eyes w/O-ring (black) (v14) x 2   
Snake Eyes w/O-ring (grey/purple) (v13)   
Snake Eyes w/out O-ring (v11)   
Snake Eyes w/out O-ring (v10)   
Wild Bill   
Cobra Commander (v11) incomplete   
Cobra Commander (v12) incomplete   
Cobra Slice   
Dr. Minbender (version 3)   
Dr. Minbender (version 4)   
Firefly x 2   
TRU Exclusive sets:   
Cobra Imperial Procession: Cobra Commander   
Cobra Imperial Procession: Cobra Imperial Guard x 10 (no flags)   $58 set or
Cobra Striker Team - Urban Division Firefly   
BJ's Set: Fast Blast Viper (red) x 2   
Ninja Cobra Strike: Storm Shadow   
Comicbook 3-Packs (loose):   
Set # 21 (Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow)   
Set # 24 (Destro, Duke & Roadblock) w/bonus Road Block's vintage weapons   
Set # 3 (Double Clutch, General Abernathy & Stalker)   
Set # 4 (Grunt, Zap & Snake-Eyes w/head sculpt from pack # 21)   
Convention Exclusives:   
2005 Convention Figures:   
Iron Anvil Trooper x 12   
Iron Grenadier x 5   
2003 Convention Figures:   
Black Dragon w/both swords   
Black Dragon Troopers w/1 gun & bp x 6   
Cobra Commander   
Air-Viper (just figure)   
Swamp Viper x 10 w/bp & 2 handed large rifle   
RAH Series 2000:   
Chameleon (2000)   
Major Bludd (2000)   
Wet Suit (v6) 2001 Everything except the fins   
Wet Suit (v9) 2002 w/2001's bp, air piece   
Real American Hero - 1997 - 1998:   
Firefly, Nightcreeper & Snow Serpent   C-9
Storm Shadow   C-9
Alley Viper (v4) just the figure   C-9
Cobra Figures:   
1984 series:   
Scrap Iron: complete   C-9
Stinger Driver x 6   C-9
Wild Weasel w/file card   C-9
1985 series:   
Eels: Complete except for airhose x 4   C-8/9
Lamprey   C-9
1986 series:   
Monkeywrench: complete   C-9
Motor Vipers x 3   C-8/9
Viper: loose knees, small paint off facemask   C-7
1987 series:   
Raptor: complete   C-9
Cobra Commander: complete   C-9
1989 series:   
Gnawgahyde: complete   C-9
Iron Grenadiers: complete x 10   C-9
1990 series:   
Laser Viper: complete   
Night Creepers: complete w/file card (bonus 3-way chucks)   C-9
Night Creepers: complete, (bonus 3-way chucks)   C-9
Night Creepers: w/bp (bonus 3-way chucks,  Short & long sword)   C-9
Night Creepers: (bonus 3-way chucks,  Short & long sword) x 2   C-9
1991 series:   
Snow Serpents: complete w/file card (w/bonus white sword, ax & sickle)   C-9
Snow Serpents: complete   C-9
Snow Serpents: complete (except for pistol)   C-9
Snow Serpents: w/missle launcher only   C-9
Snow Serpents   C-9
1992 series:   
Cobra Ninjas (mail in): complete w/file card   C-9
Cobra Ninjas (mail in): w/Strom Shadows bp & long sword   C-9
Headman: w/rifle   C-9
Headhunters: Complete   C-9
Headhunters: w/shotgun   C-8
Headhunters: incomplete   C-8
G.I.Joe Figures:   
1982 series w/swivel arms:   
Rock 'N Roll: complete (w/extra M-60)   C-9
Steeler: complete   C-9
Zap: complete (w/extra bp)   C-9
RAM   C-8.5
1983 series:   
Doc: complete   C-9
Gung Ho:complete   C-9
Snow Job: complete w/extra set of accessories   C-9
Torpedo: complete   C-9
Tripwire: complete   C-9
1985 series:   
Airtight: complete   C-9
Alpine: complete (except for rope)   C-9
Bazooka: complete w/extra bp   C-9
Flint: complete w/tiger force file card & extra shotgun & TF bp   C-9
Footloose: complete   C-9
1986 series:   
Dial Tone: complete   C-9
Iceberg (no refile)   C-9
Lifeline: complete   C-9
Low Light: complete (except for bipod)   C-9
Wet Suit: complete   C-9
1987 series:   
Gung Ho: complete   C-9
Out Back: no flashlight (w/extra refile, bp & web belt)   C-9
Tunnel Rat: complete (except for 1 flashlight) w/extra ammo bag   C-9
1988 series:   
Blizzard: complete w/extra set of accessories   C-8
Budo: complete w/extra bp x 2 (no red sword)   C-9
1989 series:   
Snake Eyes: complete   C-9
Deep Six: complete   C-9
Rock & Roll: complete   C-9
1991 series:   
Snake Eyes w/both swords   C-9
1993 series:   
Frostbite (w/Sub Zero's bp, Mask & white shotgun   C-9
Iceberg w/pistol   C-9
1998 series:   
Heavy Duty w/file card   C-9
Colonel Brekhov: complete   C-9
2000 series:   
Dusty   C-9
2001 series:   
Wet Suit   C-9
2003 series:   
Big Ben version 6 (brown coat)   C-9
Slipstream   C-9
3 3/4" Vehicles:   
DTC: (all boxed)   
Night Ops Humvee    
Valor vs. Venom/Spy Troops & Cobra vs. Joe:   
Air Assault   
Cobra Glider (blue) x 4   
Cobra CAT II (boxed)   
Cobra CAT II x 2   
Cobra Fang 3   
Cobra HISS IV   
Cobra Ringneck w/Neo Viper   
Cobra Robot   
Cobra Tread Fire (re-paint) x 3   
Cobra Venom Cycle x 3   
Desert Coyote (camo version) w/Clutch x 2   
Gun Station   
Jungle Strike Humvee w/Rollbar   
Night Force Grizzly w/Wild Bill   
Night Attack Chopper   
Operation Crimson Sabotage (no figures)   
Piranha Attack Boat    
Rock Slide (Snow moblie) w/2 versions of Frostbite   
Venom Striker w/CLAWS (2 CLAW figures)   
G.I.Joe: Real American Hero:   
Jump Pad (no gun)   
Bivouac: w/extra items (machine gun defense unit, mortar defense unit)   
Snow Cat w/Frostbite & Blueprint   C-8.5
Transportable Tactical Battle Platform    C-8.5
Water Moccasin: w/blueprints (no Copperhead)   C-9
Please e-mail    
Prices are for SINGLE item purchases…Will Discount on multiple item purchases    

Batman Beyond: School Dayz & Spellbound (1999)   $4
Batman Beyond: Tech Wars & Disappearing Inque (1999)   $4
Justice League, Vol. 1 (2001)   $4
Justice League, Vol. 2: Justice on Trial (2001)   $4
Justice League, Vol. 3: Paradise Lost (2002)   $4
Justice League, Vol. 4: The Brave and the Bold (2001)   $4
Ayane's High Kick    $4
Blue Gender + Artbox Vol. 1 thru 8   $38
Blue Seed - Perfect Collection (Vols. 1-4) (1995)   $34
Blue Seed: Beyond - Invasion From Within (1996)   $10
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 Perfect Collection (1998)   $44
Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran - Complete Collection (2000)   $34
Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 02 - Scarred Man of the East (2003)   $9
Geneshaft - Complete Collection (2001)   $24
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, Vol. 1 - Special Edition    $12
Gravion, Vol. 1 - 4 (2002) + Artbox   $28 set
Gravion Zwei, Vol. 1 - 4 (2004) + Artbox   $28 set
Great Dangaioh, Vol. 1 - 4 (2001)    $18 set
Gungrave, Vol. 1 - 7(2003) + Artbox   $88
Gunparade March, Vol. 1 - 3 - Collector's Tin (2003)   $44
Peacemaker vol. 1 thru 5 + Artbox   $54
Gundam DVDs   
Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta DVD boxed set w/Figures/Pencil Sharpener, Poster    $84
Mobile Fighter G-Gundam Collector's Box 1    $15
Mobile Fighter G-Gundam Collector's Box 2   $15
Mobile Fighter G-Gundam Collector's Box 3 (Sealed)   $15
Mobile Fighter G-Gundam Collector's Box 4 (Sealed)   $15
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Complete Operations (Boxed Set) Vol. 1 thru 10   $68
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - (Boxed Set) Vol. 1 thru 10   $88
Asian & Foreign Cinema:   
Acacia - Limited Edition (2003) -- REGION 3   $14
Azumi 2: Death or Love (2005) -- REGION 2 (no subtitle)    $10
Bang Rajan (2000) ( Legend of the Village Warriors )   $9
Baptism of Blood (1996)   $4
Battle Royale 2: Requiem - 133 Minute Original Version -- REGION 2   $10
Blood Heat (2002) - ( Masuuruhiito )   $7
Dating Death (2004) -- REGION 3   $6
Dimension Travelers, The (1999)   $4
Explosive City (2004) -- REGION 3   $5
Gen-X Cops (1999)   $5
Gen-Y Cops (2000)   $5
Geomi sup - DTS (2004) -- REGION 3 ( Spider Forest )   $12
Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) -- REGION 2 Thailand disc   $5
Heat Team (2004)   $6
Inugami (2001)   $6
Kakashi (2001) -- REGION 3   $6
Marronnier (2002)   $6
Oldboy - Remastered Final Edition (2003) -- REGION 3   #18
One Missed Call - DTS 96/24 ES (2004) -- REGION 3   $9
Parasite Eve (1997)   $6
Red Wolf  (1995)   $6
Spirited Killer - 2 Disc Special Edition    $7
Tale of Two Sisters, A (2003) -- REGION 3    $12
Time and Tide (2000)   $5
Tokyo Rampage (1998) - ( Pornostar )   $10
Twins Effect - Uncut Special Edition (2003) -- REGION 3   $16
Twins Effect 2 - Special Edition Limited Edition (2003) -- REGION 3   $19
Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan (2003) -- REGION 3 ( Whispering Corridors 3 )   $14
Wu Yen (2001)   $6
Season Boxed Sets:   
Alias - The Complete 1st Season (2001-2002)   $19
Alias - The Complete 2nd Season (2002-2003)   $19
Bad Girls - The Complete 1st Season (1999)    $19
Bad Girls - Series 2 (2000) -- REGION 2   $19
Bad Girls - Series 3 (2001) -- REGION 2   $19
O.C., The - The Complete 1st Season   $19
King Kong - Classic Collection -- REGION 2   $19
Alone in the Dark - Special Edition (1982)    $5
Alone in the Dark (2005)   $7
Arachnia (2003)   $4
Bloodrayne (Unrated Director's Cut) (2006)   $7
Boa (Full Screen) (2000)   $4
Boogeyman - Special Edition (2005)   $6
Boogeyman, The (1980) / Return of the Boogeyman (1994)   $4
Breed, The (2001)   $4
Bubba Ho-tep - Collector's Edition (2002)   $7
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)   $4
Cat's Eye (1985)   $4
Centipede (2004)   $4
Creepies (2003)   $4
Cup of My Blood (2005)   $4
Cry_Wolf (Unrated) (2005)   $7
Darkness Falls - Special Edition (2003)   $4
Dead End (Full Screen) (2003)   $7
Demons (1985)   $4
Dracula 3000 (2004)   $4
Evil Ed - Unrated Director's Cut (1997)   $4
Final Examination (2003)   $4
Flesh for the Beast (Unrated) (2003)   $4
Frost: Portrait of a Vampire (2001)   $4
Giant Spider Invasion (1975)   $6
Happy Hell Night (1992)   $4
I Drink Your Blood (Uncut) - Special Edition (1970)   $6
Innocent Blood (Full Screen) (1992)   $4
Legend of Hell House, The (1973)   $4
Live Feed (Unrated) (2005)   $9
Lost Souls (2000)   $4
Love Object (2003)   $4
Man's Best Friend (1993)   $4
Mortuary (2005)   $6
Night Watch (2004)   $14
Prison A-Go-Go! (2003)   $7
Red Riding Hood (2003)   $7
Return Horror High (1987)   $4
Sadistic Baron Von Klaus, The - Euroshock Collection (1962)   $6
Satan's Little Helper (2004)   $7
Scarecrow (2002) / Scarecrow Slayer (2003)   $4
Session 9 (2001)   $6
Severed: Forest of the Dead (2005)   $9
Shape of Things to Come, The (1979)   $4
Skinned Alive - Remastered Special Edition (1989)   $7
Soul Survivors - The Killer Cut (R-Rated Version) (2001)   $4
Tamara (2005)   $12
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The - Special Edition   $4
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The - The Gruesome Edition (1986)   $10
Zombie Honeymoon (2004)   $7
12 Monkeys - Special Edition (1995)   $7
Amateur (Reformatted 1.55:1 Frame) (1994)   $4
Arlington Road (1999)   $4
Blade Runner - The Director's Cut (1982)   $4
Chronicles of Riddick, The (134 Minute Unrated Director's Cut) (2004)   $7
Clan of the Cave Bear, The (1986)   $4
Die Another Day - Special Edition - DTS (2002)   $7
Fatal Attraction - Special Collector's Edition (1987)   $4
Fire Down Below (1997)   $4
Foxfire (1996)   $4
Harvard Man (2001)   $4
Heat (1995)   $4
Made - Special Edition (2001)   $4
Mask of Zorro, The - Special Edition - DTS (1998)   $4
National Lampoon's Van Wilder - The Unrated Version   $7
Not Another Teen Movie - Unrated Extended Director's Cut (2001)   $5
Patriot, The - Special Edition (2000)   $4
Poseidon - Two-Disc Special Edition (2006)   $12
Private Parts (1997)   $4
Recruit, The  (2003)   $6
Sabrina (1995)   $4
Shaft (2000)   $4
Sphere - Special Edition (1998)   $4
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation - Special Edition (2004)   $7
Taps (1981)   $6
Titanic, The (1996)   $4
Wake of Death (2004)   $6

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