Author Topic: CAPE OF DECEIT; CHAPTER 1; AN EVIL STIRS  (Read 2126 times)

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Hi guys, I used to post solely on Rebelscum, but am branching out now to post everywhere.

You guys are new to my photonovels, so  shall start at the beginning with chaoter 1;

The dark world of Semola, a grim world in the dark reaches of the outer rim.
Home to fugitives from Republican Justice, terrorists, outlaws, and villainy. A perfect hiding place for any criminal.
Also, the home to a band of Geonosian terrorists, known as the Aluga Front.

Led by a Charismatic Geonosian, named Griger Handel, an aristocratic idealist, heralding from the worker colony on Geonosis, his people had been enslaved by the large Corporations of the Trading Companies. Griger, having led his people to a revolution, which failed, now contented himself with terrorism.

In recent years, the Aluga Front had been contacted frequently by a mysterious Dark Lord.
"Is he ready?" Griger asked his Lieutenant, who checked the hologram projector, and bowed, meaning an affirmitive.

"Again you come before us my Lord?" Griger asked, "And of what service can the Aluga Front offer this time?"
"I believe that you have an enemy in the form of the Trade Federation?" Sidious asked matter of factly.

"The Aluga Front commits itself to ending the Capitalist nature of the Republic...and thus, we begin with the destruction of the corporations, such as the Trade Federation." Griger replied grandly. “We advocate a state by which corporations and the capitalist structure have no power, a state where the people hold power.”

"An idea that we both share." Sidious rasped, "However, I am in need of your services."
"By which you mean an attack on the Federation?" Griger asked.
"Exactly." Sidious replied, "I truly understand your cause, which is why I will ask this of you."

"A Federation cargo ship, the  Revenue will be docking on the moon of Coruscant, carrying shipments of luxury items for the Senate, while your workers go hungry." Sidious rasped. "A truly angering notion I trust?"

"Swine’s...Pigs!" Griger snarled. "What would you have us do my Lord?"
"A little attack might be in order..." Sidious rasped, "To show the Republic that your Front means business. Carry out an attack so large and grand that it will send ripples throughout the Republic for years to come.”

On board the Federation cruiser, the Revenue, the Neimoidian crew prepared to begin unloading the cargo shipments to deploy the boats to the Senate district of Coruscant.

"Captain." The Neimoidian crewmember turned to the ship's Captain, an esteemed neimoidian, Captain Lagard. "There is suspicious movement in the main cargo holds."

"What do you mean?" Lagard asked, "Intruders? It can't be...we've only just arrived."

At that moment, two Geonosian militants, members of the Aluga Front burst in, wielding heavy weaponry, both shouting curses and vile words. There aggressive waving of their weapons seemed to suggest that they wanted the neimoidians to leave the controls of the ship.

"What in the space lanes is this?" Lagard yelped, jumping backwards to the bridge windows.
"This is  outrageous!" Lagard shouted, hoping that his words would send the terrorists away. “Incredible?!”

The terrorists blasted away at the Neimoidian guards that were stationed on the bridge.

The Geonosians hearded the Neimoidian crew into the centre of the bridge.
"P...P...please, have mercy!" Lagard trembled in terror.

Griger Handel entered the bridge, "Captain, we are using your ship as a stadging ground for our little demonstration to the Republic."

"Meaning?!" Lagard asked in fear. "May I remind you that this ship is under Republican law, and acts of violence are illegal acts!"
The Geonosians laughed.

"Meaning Captain..." Griger said, "That we are intending to destroy you, and gut your ship clean."
"W...what?" Lagard spat in horror.
"Sorry...old habits." Griger nodded.

Griger turned to his Lieutenant, "Place the detonator."

The small detonator was placed. The Geonosian laughed, while the neimoidians trembled.

Griger stood behind Captain Lagard, "This is for the workers."
"Workers?!" Lagard spat. "You commit terrorism for the workers?!"

With that, the geonosians ran from the bridge, all laughing and cheering.

The Neimoidians didn't wish to wait for the detonator to explode, so they too bolted for the door.

But then the bridge exploded, sending the crew flying against the wall.

The terrorists had hit their target...the federation cruiser exploded as the fuel lines below the bridge ignited. The Aluga Front had made their point…and escaped to tell the tale.


The Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray arrives for a special meeting with the Federation's Senator Lott Dod.
However, prior to their meeting, Gunray is greeted by Supreme Chancellor Valorum.

"Viceory." The esteemed aristocratic Chancellor greeted. "We have heard the terrible news, concerning the acts of terrorism in the outer rim-"

"And what do you intend to do about it?" Gunray demanded, his red eyes glowing with fury, "This is the third ship we have lost in as many months Chancellor!"

"With respect Viceroy, we understand the situation, but it is impossible to reason with these terrorists." Valroum said, "Concessions will have to be made."

Senator Lott Dod cut in at this point, "This is incredible? All we asked from the Chancellor months ago was a commission to allow us to construct our own defence force...battle droids! And now, we must make concessions to protect ourselves?"

"I assure you." Senator Micjak, a liberal pacifist, cut into the conevrsation, "That my sector will oppose any such bill to arm the large corporations. This is a step to building private armies for the sake of the force!"

"And you shall have your time to make your decision in the Senate when it comes to vote." Valorum turned to the disgruntled Senator.

"And I can assure you Chancellor that without a droid defence force, we and many other corporations will suffer, and what bids ill for the corporations bids ill for the Republic." Gunray muttered, his bottom lip sticking forward, "The economic and social stability of the Republic is based on the backs of Corporations."

"We shall do all we can Viceroy." Valorum said, "I have commissioned an investigation with the Jedi Council. But in the meantime, would you take my offer of further protection while on Coruscant?"

"No." Gunray snapped, "My head of Security, Tey Tippeto deals with such matters."
Gunray gestrued to the heavy guard beside him.

At that moment, two Jedi masters approached, Mace Windu and Master Tarr Hanuck.

"Viceroy," Mace Windu greeted, "May I just say that we are committed to locating these terrorists and bringing them to justice."

"I do not share your charismatic optimism." Gunray sneered, "But with an army of our own, we would be able to have crushed this threat years ago."

"An Army will not be needed Viceroy." Master Hanuck said, "I am leading the investigation, and I promise the threat will soon be removed."

Without saying goodbye, The Viceroy turned and left, flanked by Tey Tippeto, the loyal bodyguard.

Valroum turned the Vice Chancellor Mas Amedda, "Arrange a special session of the Senate to here this motion."
"Yes Chancellor."

"Chancellor, a word if you please?" Senator Palpatine, calm, collected, intelligent, profoundly liberal spoke.

"Ah, Palpatine." Valorum nodded, "What a terrible terrible mess we are in. Terrorist attacks, yet no where to act?"
"If I may say so excellency." Palpatine said, "Maybe a bill to allow the Federation to arm itself might be in order?"

"But Senator, how will we hold this army accountable?" Valorum asked, "It would be impossible.
"Yes it would Chancellor, if they were not accountable." Palpatine said, "But if we were the place taxation on the Federation, we could reign them in, maybe a taxation of the free trade routes for instance?"

"Senator, your intelligence in this field never ceases to amaze me. Why, you could suggest this in Senate?" Valorum said.
"No Chancellor, a motion like this, would carry more weight if it were to be introduced to the senate by your good self." Palpatine smiled.
"Selfless aren't you Senator?" Valorum patted his friend on the arm.


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 :( All I'm getting is
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Nice tosee you come here Lushros! I only stalk Scum is to read the PNs, yours being some.
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 ;D Cool! you got your Pm up and running! looks great I might add.Look forward in seeing more ;)
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Glad you like the photonovel.

Chapter 2 will be up very soon.

Stay tuned.