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Thomas Grey:
What jedi magic does Obi-Wan summon to vaporize his physical being? Even Vader looks a bit perplexed when he lifts up Obi-Wan's robe. I have never really thought about the actual phenomenon of this and was wondering if anyone could enlighten me...

The Mega-Force.  ;)  ;D

Not sure though. It has been talked about on other forums.
Must check into it.

Now that I think about it, that was pretty weird. If you were to say that he "became one with the force," wouldn't he have been sliced in half first? This one's a real noodle-scratcher... ???

Angry Ewok:
The fact that Ben and Yoda are the only Jedi to have faded away like this is PROOF that they are the greatest Jedi ever. That's the way I see it.


Thomas Grey:
Yeah, but none of it really explains anything about the process of vaporizartion. I'm just wondering if there is official justification or definition for the process. Do they focus and meditate so deeply that they actually are able to become the energy of the force and their physical being breaks apart into the individual vibrating, molecular midichlorians? or is it, "POOF!" and that's it? Once physical, now guiding consciousness. I mean, if they become one with the force, why is he (they, if Yoda is in on this) represented as a physical spirit being instead of just light and a voice? Does that reflect the western societies need to be able to see the physical? I mean, there weren't any Buddha statues until some western ass, said, I can't meditate or imagine something I have never seen. I need to know what I'm meditating on in order to do it. Was that just to utilize the visual media? How is it explained in the novel? Do they detail how Obi-Wan just vanishes? Do they detail that Obi-Wan's spirit form appears to Luke and Yoda in ESB? He's just a voice in A New Hope. Thank the Jedi he was a small spirit form sitting cross-legged on Luke's X-Wing dash board. I agree that Obi-Wan and Yoda are bad asses (Anakin too in the end) if the are able perform the oneness with the Force trick. The real question is: "How can you justify it? I just can't accept it as "it just happens". I am now completely obsessed with this and will stop my blithering.


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