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New JD Review: 100th Review: POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper

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Jesse James:
Wow, 100 Reviews already...  That's...  a lot of writing.  And a lot of time spent by not just me, but Jeff for coding it all, and our photographers for adding images to the mix.  It's a real effort, so I really appreciate the help I get from Jeff and the gang to have my little effort at JD go live on the site.

Without further delay though, I bring to you my nemesis in collecting...  The bane of the Hasbro line, and dare I say the bane of army builders in general.  The figure that epitomizes collectors "settling" for second rate from Hasbro, only because it looks better than a figure that couldn't have gotten much worse...

Behold!  The Rebel Fleet Trooper!

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Yes, he sucks...  And given his resurfacing in the Tantive IV Battlepack, I say a removable helmet does not improve him much even.  The Fleet Trooper is a figure that lured fans into liking it because it was visually an improvement over his POTF2 counterpart who sucked so badly that any improvement was widely accepted as greatness...

This was looking at the figure from afar, however.  Upon close inspection, flaws range from arms that aren't poseable, a "pre-posed" sculpt given to the figure's feet/ankles, a caved-in chest sculpt due to the arm pose...  Not to mention little errors, a non-removable helmet, a non-working holster...  This figure is littered with flaws.

Is it visually better than the original POTF2 Fleet Trooper?  How could it NOT be, is the better question.  Just because Hasbro got the pants color right and some sculpt details make the figure more accurate, doesn't mean this figure is a good army builder, especially today...  Hasbro called him "decent" in a Q&A, but to me he doesn't hold a candle to army builders in the line now, and all 3 Rebel Trooper types are long overdue for a 100% resculpt.  The Alliance needs good troopers too!

And here's to another 100 Reviews from JD...  The 30th Anniversary Collection is just the place to start, now that they're shipping. :)

Good review, and a very appropriate one coming from you. Congratulations on so many- I really consider the reviews one of the coolest features (along with the photo gallery) of JD.

I missed pretty much everything from mid-POTF2 until 2002 until 2005 in regards to buying new Star Wars figures, so I actually still hunt such things up. I enjoy reading reviews of old figures because it's informative, and something hard to get information about beyond pictures.

That said, can I have one of your POTJ rebel fleet troopers? *dies*

He looks pretty rubbish actually, and I agree that he (along with the Snowtrooper) are long overdue for resculpts. On the other hand if I had one I'd probably try to customize with it- I can think of a few uses.

But as-is, he looks to be junk.

Jesse James:
Thanks Mitsu, I appreciate the feedback here...  Good to see conversation on the reviews I think.

The Fleet Trooper, in his one or two poses, looks decent, but that's my gripe with him...  He pulls off one or two decent poses but otherwise he's pretty well a statue despite the articulation count.  The bent ankles and caved in chest sculpt (so the arms come together, which they don't once you remove the rubber bands holding them and the pistol together in his hands in the packaging) really hamper this figure's looks as far as army building, and obviously more articulation is needed for army builders like this guy.

They are the Rebellion's answer to Stormtroopers afterall...  Shouldn't they get a SA figure too?  I think so, that's my beef with it.

Mitsu, if I dig up a RFT it's yours.  I had some extras...  You should put together a loose list of figures you want and check around our boards.  I guarantee a lot of us have extras of older figures we'd give up, and some for cheap.  Keep your eyes on the classifieds.  There's always deals to be had.

And still sucks he does. Certainly better than the last version, but i really think hasbro could and should be giving us better for such a classic chracter. Cmon, Hasbro!  :P

Great review Jesse, an interesting look at an old plastic nemesis of yours!  :)
That is, revisited with removable hats, a slightly better sculpt, and notsogreat new heads.  :P

I gotta hand it to ya Jesse, you showed much restraint and lots of professionalism in that review. I can't really disagree with anything, but to add, I think what adds to problems is that we have 5 headsculpts on the same mediocre body. Takes away from the point of doing different headsclupts.


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