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Also, if anyone wants to do a one for one box trade of army builders, I have fan club storm trooper if you want to do a sand trooper or rebel trooper trade.


Cash Via Paypal or Money order

SW Ep 1 on DVD, widescreen.

wolverine Comic Books, All NM please. VOL. 1: 11, 13, 14, 15, 25, 29, 30, 71, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 119-112, 124, 126, 127, 129-157, 159- the end of the series.

Also looking for NM copies of the original mini 1-4.

Comic Trade Paper Backs (or Graphic Novel): All of the Sandman (dc vertigo) TPBs. All Ultimate Marvel TPB's except The Ultimates Vol. 1. Any Authority TBP. Any JLA TPB after vol 1 (new series) Some others, lmk what you may be getting rid of.

Any Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action figures, loose preferred.

Faith memorbilia from BTVS (figures, posters, paintings, The Bust. etc.)

Vintage Carded ROTJ Biker Scout and Darth Vader

Saga Padme Droid Factory Chase MOC only.

Saga Wedding Padme.  (loose and MOC)

Padme MiniBust.

Saga Vader ROTJ (not yet released I think...)

Lego Star Destroyer (yeah, its a lot, I know.)

Lego Tantive IV. (yeah, also a lot, and I'm not willing to pay the cash, so, maybe you can find a bunch of stuff I have to trade?)

Lego AT-AT

Lego X-Wing. The one that comes with the pilot.

AT-AT Vintage Chin Guns, potf2 canopy and side door.

EP 1. Queen Amidala Battle Loose only please.

Luke Skywalker and Wampa (or wampa only)

POTF2 and up Squid head. (or whatever his name is now)


Loose Mara Jade


New versions. POTF2 and up. Loose please.


X-Wing: (prefer the long version, not the classic redo)

TIE Interceptor

Vaders TIE



I'm also looking to work on my DVD collection a little bit. So, if you have any new/used in super good condition widescreen DVD's, let me know. (please, no former rentals.)
(some titles off the top of my head.)

X-Men The movie, The Monster Squad,  South Park season 1, Blade 1, and 2, The Princess Bride, The Matrix, Unbreakable, The Beastmaster, Masters of the Universe (the movie), Things in those vein.

Marvel Legends: Loose or carded: Magneto, Thor, Ghost Rider, Captain America.


Cash via paypal. Send me your prices for my wants.


Star Wars PB. (From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker) 30th printing. (cover says over five million in print.) All pictures intact. VF

Return Of The Jedi. PB. First Edition. ALl pictures Intact. VF.

Splinter of the Mind's Eye. PB. 1978.


In Box ESB Micro Collection (1980) Wampa cave complete. The box is sturdy, but a lot of scuff marks I guess you would call them. The box looks old. The figures are in good condition.

I also have some loose micro figures from the Bespin playset, some lukes.

I also have a loose set of rebel and imperial snow troops that came as a special mail away. (These are the little metal figures, not the new micro machines.)


Emperor. Loose. No accs. Some paint wear on face.

Bib Fortuna: Coat, armour

Video Games:

Shadows of the Empire (n64)

The Sims (PC) Complete with manual and box

Starcraft expansion: Brood war

Newer stuff  

4 pack stormtrooper building kit fan club MIB

Orange Card  

Darth Vader carded short sabre

FlashBack Photo

Luke Skywalker carded With Blaster Rifle and Electrobinoculars

Power of the Jedi

Coruscant Guard Carded

Jar Jar Binks Tatooine Carded

Darth Maul Final Duel carded

Tantive IV Defender carded (x1)

Green Card

Garindan (Long Snoot) opened card

Han Solo carded Original

Han Solo Endor carded

Leia Monkey carded Bad card cond

Leia Slave carded Shelf Wear

[b Freeze Frame  [/b]

Bespin Luke carded

Leia Ewok carded Bad card cond

Lots of loose freeze frames and force files.

Multi packs and beasts

Jabba's Dancer 3 pack MIB (2)

Ronto w/ jawa MIB

Final Jedi Duel (vader vs. luke w/ emp) Boxed


Tusken Raider carded

Ep 1.

Sith Acc Pack Carded

Naboo Acc set Carded

Underwater Acc set Carded

Senator Palpatine Carded

Anakin Skywalker Tatooine carded

Darth Maul Jedi Duel (3) carded

Darth Maul Tatooine carded

Jar Jar Binks (1) carded

Mace Windu carded (2)

Qui-Gon Jinn carded

Ric Olie w/ helmet carded

Darth Maul Lightsabre in box bad shelf wear

Loose POTF2 and up figures:

Stormtrooper (POTF2) w/ blaster x 2
Luke in Stormtrooper (potf2) complete
Han Solo (buff) with gun (x2)
Leia Monkey w/Cape (x2)
Boushh Leia Complete
Boushh leia Figure Only
Garindan Long Snoot W/Gun
Han Solo Hoth Figure Only(closed hand)
Buff Luke figure only
Boba Fett Delux w/ missle launcher and giant rocket pack.

A bunch of loose FF's, commtech chips, force files, and flashback thingers. Send me a want list.


Beast Wars Package from Trans Con 2.

The Loch Ness Monster Packaged c8 From Shadowbox
collectibles 1995

Chance Bendem from Homeward Bound Packaged c5 from the movie

The Mask Quick Draw Packaged c7 From Jim Carrey Movie

Creature Walks among us Packaged c6 Universal stuidoes monsters LBH

The Mole People Packaged c6 Universal stuidoes monsters LBH

Virus Attack Mr. Freeze Packaged c7 Batman Mission Masters 3

Londo Mollari w/ Transport of centauri Packaged c6 Babylon

Delenn w/ Minbari Flyer Packaged MOC Babylon


one G1 Shockwave. Good condition. His wire is a little bit frayed. Loose.

G1 Grimlock with Gun in great shape. Slight paint wear on the eyes. arm joints kind of loose.  Loose.

I have a parts lot of G1 Jets. Starscream and Dirge. Starscream has one hand, and two missle launchers, and one laser. Dirge has two missle launchers and one missle. I think I have some leg wings too.

Superhero stuff:

12" Wolverine Space

4-6" (most from the 90s)

Juggernaut 1st Complete
Cable 1st Figure Only
Cannonball Complete
Apocalypse 1st Complete (extending)
Sauron Complete
Collusus 1st Complete
Cyclops 1st Complete (works)
Wolverine 1st Complete (mask and sword)
Thing figure only
Venom (has a cirlce thing on his back) figure only
Kane II missing right hand
Magneto 1st complete
Forge w/ gun
Corsair figure only
Sotrm Black suite w/ bolt (electric doesn't work)
Forearm Complete
Nightcralwer 1st complete
Archangel white wings complete
Kane 1 complete
Red Head girl from alpha flight, figure only
Rogue on opened card missing belt
Wolverine street clothes
Senyaka complete

Opened cards
Silver Samurai (broken sword)
Apocalypse I
Strong guy (bad card cond)

Nightcrawler w/ sword
Storm (silver)

DC super powers

hawkman (Figure only)
delta probe one. (loose complete)

I also have several thousand Comic books crossing all genres. Send me your want list for that.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures:

Slave Cordelia (from angel line) carded

3 pack w/ Xander, and 2 cordelias (regular and cheerleader version) Boxed.
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Bump for Amidala.
Optimists believe this is the best of all worlds.  Pessimists fear the same may be true.

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Somewhat of an update.
Optimists believe this is the best of all worlds.  Pessimists fear the same may be true.