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obi_robz has no imagination :)


I have long wanted to set up dioramas for my collection of loose (all modern) figures, but Iím afraid I possess almost no imagination. Iím also lacking in the artistic abilities department. Itís not too impressive compared to the other displays here, but the pictures took so long to upload, that I thought I should at least post the link.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my carded and loose collection of figures from Episode One onwards. I still need to upload my loose Saga pics, but I hope to do that soon.

I also have a few pictures of my ratties up to, so if youíre a cat person, perhaps you should steer clear of that particular album :)

Hereís the link:

Rob :)

Angry Ewok:
The whole rat thing was a bit... well, unexpected.

Besides that - cool looking stuff, but the most interesting thing was the way you display your stat cards, I wouldn't have thought to use trading card protector sheets. Very cool.


Oh Rat's.  ;D  Very nice collection. Great stuff.  8)

Awesome collection, but those rats............  :-X


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