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Hi, guys! I thought you Kubrickaholics could help me out. I have seen pictures of a certain Admiral Ackbar, a certain Snaggletooth, and a certain Death Star Gunner over at yakface (well, and a certain yakface over at yakface!), and I've decided its time to begin getting me some of these!

But Ive never bought one ever before, so I cant begin to have any idea where to find them. I really really want to start collecting these, so Id really appreciate some help, JDers! Thanks.  8)

All you need to do is scope out some of the classifieds on this site, and you will find some in short order. It is good to understand the case ratios (take a look at the great checklist that Jessevader has put together) so you know which are harder to find than others. 

Most of the kubrick boxes have had 3-4 figures that there are only one of out of 12. Other characters can be 3 or 4 out of 12. What that means is years down the road, with series 3 for instance, wicket and jawa are still $5 a figure, while Lando or 3-PO can set you back $30. The AT-AT driver can be even more.

Then there are the chase figures, which can be 2 per master case of 48 figures (1:24), 1 per master case of 48 figures(1:48), or 1 in every other (1:96). These start getting spendy. Although some of the 1:24 figures from the early sets are less expensive than some of the 1:12- it just depends on the desirability of the figure.

Check out the checklist, the classifieds, and completed auctions on ebay- With a little effort and luck they start to pile up in a hurry!

Dan didn't mention that these are largely an overseas thing too.  Relatively few US retailers carry them as they tend to be Japanese/Hong Kong exclusive in terms of distribution.  Most of us order them directly from or (requires membership) though I think BBTS is still selling them in the US.  Many folks hook up together with a pimp pusher supplier like Jeff to get upcoming stuff.

Basically you won't find them at retail, even less common places like Hot Topic or comic stores.

To Dan and Morgbug you listen, Robo-Quack! ;) And for a complete visual Kubrick guide, go no farther than JD's very own.

Although to be fair, I spent some time at Yakface today, and they have begun a very nice checklist themselves. I like the "check" feature- but it reminds me there are some I do not have, and some I probably never will, even with beer and ebay.


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