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It's Almost May and Saga2 is Still Being Restocked In Place of 30AC

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Is it me or is anyone else sick of seeing the Saga2 stuff restocked instead of the 30th TAC line? In Chicagoland & South Jersey Targets, Wal-Marts and TRUs keep restocking Saga2 figures! New fresh case of various assortments We are almost 5 months in 07! Whats the deal? I am glad I order on-line but I would like to army build with new stuff. Not buy more of the same just to get my star-crack fix.

Is this just these 2 areas or is this all over the country? Let me know I am very curious.

It all goes back to this info we got from Hasbro last December:

--- Quote from: Jeff on December 15, 2006, 02:34 PM ---Hasbro sent along a little 30th Anniversary Collection Update as part of this week's Q&A:

--- Quote ---Due to unavoidable production delays, the first waves of Star Wars 30th Anniversary basic figures for 2007 will be delayed until March. We are looking at every way to get the figures in earlier, but fans should not expect to find them on shelf on 1/1 as we were hoping. We expect subsequent waves beyond the first to be on schedule shortly thereafter. We'll keep everyone updated as needed, but please be patient. Thanks!
--- End quote ---

Looks like we'll be seeing the Final 22 repack waves for a while...  :-\
--- End quote ---

Originally (in Fall-06) they said that the Saga2 stuff would ship through March-07, but I would guess that the reason we are still seeing Hasbro crank out more and more Saga2 remix cases into April (and maybe even May) is because they haven't fully caught up from the initial 30AC delay yet.  This way, it keeps at least a portion of the SW section filled for the retailers to keep making money on...

I got you, but what does no makes sense there are producing more Saga2. I am just curious why the production run is not TAC since the tools are obviously being used. The delay was understood but they been out since late Febuary I would have figured it would be caught up by now.

Thanks for the reply.

Matt R.:
It probably retailers cleaning out their storerooms.

You know what I was thinking the other much of the delays happening in SWland are thanks to this guy:


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