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ESB 25th Anniversary Sets?

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Thomas Grey:
I just received Issue #122, Dec. 2002 of Lee's Toy Review and they talk about retailers discounting the ANH 25th Anniversary sets (Luke & Leia, Han & Chewy & Vader and Ben). At the end of it they say, "grab them now before the 25th Anniversary EMPIRE figures begin shipping!".

Hello? I have not heard or read a thing about a series like the ANH 25th being released for each film. If "Empire" is next, what are the sets? It's not the trash compactor sets is it? That is definitely not "Empire". I even scrolled through Galactic Hunters 'pirated' list of 2003 releases and nothing...

Anyone have any clue about this? While I would like to have broken this story and posted it on our site, I figure the forum elite are just as good as front page, and we may be able to help each other to get this to be an exclusive article here. Am I missing something, or is this news to anyone else? Please help and at least let me know if anyone knows anything about these...

That's a very good question.  I'm gonna have to do some researching on that, because I too have not heard of any Empire 25th Anniversary sets coming out yet.

Sounds like editorial speculation from the writer at Lee's.  The 25th anniversary for Empire isn't for another 2 years (2005).  If there is any kind of Anniversary pack coming out, I might think it'd be a ROTJ 20th Anniversary set (1983-2003).

Thomas Grey:
Or it could be that it is an overall 25th Anniversary that is being extended beyond the 25th year and they will celebrate it by releasing 3 sets of these for every movie. I mean, the word 'Star wars' preceeds all of the movie titles. The Silver Anniversary is a major deal, so they may milk it for all it's worth...

If that was indeed the case, then these pieces would most likely have shipped earlier in 2002.  You recall that the Silver Anniversary pieces all had a seal on them with "1977-2002".  And all three packs were classic scenes from A New Hope.   Hence, 2002 was the Silver Anniversary year for A New Hope.  Not a difficult concept to grasp.

The article might just be making the point of try to pick up the 25th anniversary pieces now.  They won't be around for much longer ( they've gone a clearance some time ago at target and tru).

One little blurb from a writer at Lee's does not equal an upcoming release.  We would have heard something by now for a 2002 release.  As for 2003, it seems unlikely that any kind of anniversary piece would be issued for the 23rd anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back.


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