Author Topic: Trouble on Tatooine Battle pack, Jawas and Droids  (Read 1539 times)

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Trouble on Tatooine Battle pack, Jawas and Droids
« on: May 24, 2007, 01:45 AM »
I picked these guys up after being on a Transformers binge for a while, I had seen the packs from the newer movies but just had not been convinced to purchase, but then I see my old friends the Jawa.

First impression, they were buried in a sea of Sand People/Tusken Raiders, whatever the name is these days, they jumped out at me as great desk army builders. They are solid toys for what they are, I was not expecting tons or articulation. As they are small statues not action figures.

The set comes with 3 Jawas on "foot", one Jawa either riding a droid mechanical bull style, or trying to rip off his head, and finally they stuck in a large green droid, I wish it was another Jawa, since there are already tons of Droids that could be used for stand-ins with the Jawa.

When I opened them I was amazed at the cloak detail in the small figures, they are some what smaller then the other pack figurines, so much that they felt the need to "post" them on rock things as opposed to making them stand alone. Also, the rocks on the back of the packaging are black washed, and the belts also appear to be painted black, not brown as on the actual toy, articulation is limited to 2 "poseable" arms on the Jawas and the large droid's head rotates.

The Jawa’s eyes are very nicely painted, the recess that their hood makes, actually makes the eyes stand out a bit from the face.  The small holsters and belts are very detailed, as well as the handles on the guns are even painted. You have 2 weapons for them the small pistols and ionization rifles.

These guys are in-between the micro machine scale and the POTF Jawa size, this makes them perfect for a desk or other limited space situation. Get these guys if you see them.

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Re: Trouble on Tatooine Battle pack, Jawas and Droids
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2007, 07:14 PM »
Nice review, I dont really collect these but I've been considering getting this set and just this set.
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