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Temperature effects on figures?

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Hi all,
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What are the best conditions to store your open loose figures and vehicles?

I have an attic space that gets really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. It's an enclosed space with no direct sunlight but the temperature does vary.  It's dry, not dusty, and doesn't have anything stored in there. I would like to start putting my figures in there but I'm not sure what the temperature will do to my action figures.

I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about this.

Jesse James:
Cool and dry...  Cool and dry...

That's the best I can tell ya Fongtrooper.  Sunlight's bad, extreme heats can (and will, I've seen it happen) melt figures.  The heat from an enclosed car can easily melt figures so most attic spaces heat up pretty significantly to the point they can melt them too... 

Cold, I haven't seen the effects really much of cold... 

Sunlight easily discolors plastics though, warping issues, etc. 

My stored toys mostly packaged are in a loft out in the shop.

I've had no problems with the heat but were talk'n less than 100 degrees.

As long as you wrap them in cloth and put them in plastic containers or even cardboard boxes they should be fine.

You can always try putting a plastic container up there and see if it melts.  ;D

Ya' cool is definitely prefered but insulated and dark should work especially for loose toys.

Jabba the Slug:
You REALLY have to be careful with heat, sometimes. It was over 90 degrees one day, and anything made of soft plastic (CP DEII Clone Emperor Palpatine's Sith Lightning,TLC General Grievous) began to warp and droop. Good thing the next day was cold!

As for sunlight, it's best to keep your collection away from it. The paint basic action figures, if in sunlight, will begin to fade, and look somewhat yellowish. So be careful!

What about other sources of light such as light bulbs or florescent bulbs? Do those have similar negative affects like sunlight?

I keep all of my figures in cardboard boxes on the second floor of my house in my closet. I have A/C here at home so it doesn't get too hot. all of my collection is still carded and nothing is loose. should I be using other protective materials such as cloth to protect my collection or is it fine the way it already is?


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