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I picked this R2-D2 sketchplate up at C4 from ACME for $30. Limited to 1000.

Very nice & more to come. ACME has 200 available online so hurry fast before they are all gone, see link below.

ACME R2-D2 Sketchplate Online Order

A cool item, I wonder if they will do them for all the McQuarrie series figures eventually. I'm passing, but tempted.

They advised that they will be doing select characters ... and vehicles... the next release will be a SDCC exclusive.

The SDCC exclusive X-Wing sketchplate is up for preorder for Comic Con attendees for pickup, $35.

--- Quote ---This 1000 piece edition features original Joe Johnston sketches of the X-Wing Starfighter photo-etched on aircraft-grade aluminum. The sketchplate gives insight into the development of iconic Lucasfilm creations as well as providing historic details. Full piece measures approximately 8 inches by 5 inches. The sketchplate itself measures 7 inches by 3.35 inches. Sketchplate is mounted on a foam core spacer "to float" on the black acrylic backer. For Comic Con attendees, we are offering a pre-order for pickup option. This piece is not exclusive to Comic Con and will be available online to non-attendees beginning July 25th
--- End quote ---

Follow the linky below.

Debuting at Comic Con the X-Wing Sketchplate

X-wing Sketchplate is up for non-attendees now.


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