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SW: BLACK ILLUSION *Cornucopian Evil: Act 1* Chapter 6
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The Planet Makem Hek, in the farthest reaches of the Perlemian Trade Route.

We begin inside a bar, panning past the strange denizens within we witness a drunken Quarren collapse before reaching Cortez & Durandel.

{{CRASH}} glass shatters

"HICK" the lightweight continues . .

Cortez: “I still don’t understand what’s so important about this rock kiddo, we’ve been here for 4 days & all I’ve witnessed is leery Quarren who can’t handle his ale?”

Durandel: “Patience Galen Cortez, the answer will come”

Cortez takes another sip . . .

Cortez: “So this is a kind of  Jedi hunch?”
Durandel: “I don’t know  . . But something draws me here . . .”

A stranger approaches them, Galen looks menacingly upwards towards the character.

Stranger: “Grog requests that you step outside due to the risk of damage”

Durandel & Galen both lower their drinks

Durandel: “Damage?”
Stranger: “There is a Gamorrean hunting party that requests a moment of your time!”

Galen: “I’m not in the mood to play guessing games, if it’s gonna be a fight we can at least be in the fresh air!”

“JedI??” the party screech baying for blood

Galen: “Just act nice & calm till I can get enough room to pop the big one in the face”
Durandel: “I could just force push them collectively?”
Galen: “yep . . Confirming that you are indeed a Jedi . . .  kiddo be smart!”

Galen approaches the largest of the group who appears to be the chief huntsman.

The stinking beast snorts one word “Jedi.”   
Trying to calm the tension Cortez responds ”No - No - No Jedi here!”

From behind someone clears their throat “uh hum”

It’s the stranger from inside who has a lightsaber held up on show

“Oh you swines . .” Cortez groans as the realisation hits that once again his young Padawan  friend has become a little lighter!

Quite out of character the party has come prepared, clamping a neural inhibitor upon Durandel before he has had time to overcome his embarrassment & then simply bind him by his hands.

Sheer strength in numbers allows the Gamorreans to best the seasoned law man.
Showing their sadistic nature the party hang Galen from the highest point in the area.

Leaving him swinging in the cool morning breeze . . . .

At the Imperial palace Emperor Palpatine meditates within his now fully operational Sith chambers.

His focus & determination allow him a mastery of the Dark side unseen for eons.

“Your shuttle awaits your highness” Mas amedda squirms

”Very well my friend” Palpatine sighs smugly

“The dark side smiles upon us this day!”

Within the throne room Darth Vader bids farewell to his master.
 “You are in sole command during my absence Lord Vader”  the Emperor hisses.

As Vader naturally takes to the throne Palpatine erupts . . . . .

“The throne however is exclusively mine . .”
 The apprentice falls to his knees like a scolded dog “Forgive me my master . . “

In the blink of an eye the Emperors demeanour sullies once more “No harm done - this time, keep things as they should be until my return . .”

Back outside the tavern the apparently lifeless corpse twitches into motion.

Free of the slipknot Cortez refastens his cape & brushes himself down.

“hmm that’s a new one!” he chirps to himself “gotta remember that I don’t breathe anymore!”

Picking up his rife Cortez realises that a rescue is in order, Gamorreans don’t hide their tracks . . . .

Over rocky terrain & then into dense jungle Durandel is powerless to act upon his own free will - his focus firmly fixed upon the leader of the group.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose . . . .

Black clad warriors emerge from the surrounding trees.

Durandel can do little else but witness the events. . .

The perfect ambush!

“Orders?” a subordinate asks of his superior . . .

“SUPPERTIME!!” the Commander roars . . .

The star fighters are camouflaged under the thick tree line away from prying eyes on the outskirts of the jungle/ canyon boarder.

Tooled up & ready for action Cortez picks up the trail into the green.

“An ambush?” Galen exclaims discovering his companions prized weapon amongst the dirt “No bounty hunter would leave such an important trophy behind, why kidnap a Jedi twice over?”

Hours later . . .
The Padawan awakens free of the headgear but bound once again above a cavern floor.

It would appear that he is not alone . . . .

“Look who’s awake” the gruff commander laughs “I’m surprised she didn’t paralyse you?”

Durandel begins to focus “she?” he asks the soldier.

“This isn’t a Q & A session bro, we are expecting company” the soldier grunts.

He nods to the figure above “That one has been slipping in & out for days, must be another off one? Toxins effect different ones in different ways but I’d bet a star cruiser that YOU haven’t a mark on you!”

One of the other men quietly relay information to the commander, who begins to leave the area “I’d keep still if I were you, struggling tends to get you dead!”

Shortly after the black soldiers leave a familiar sight befalls the Padawan.

The Crimson Guard - Cortez’ replacement under the new rule - converge upon an alter that has escaped Durandel until now.

As a shadowy figure enters the cavern a dark foreboding feeling hits . . .

The object that Galen had removed from the palace . . . .
The crimson guards then retreat to outside the area under strict  orders . . . .

Then a familiar if not slightly more sinister voice bellows arrogantly holding the item aloft.

“Darth Sidious Lord of the great Sith, son of the darkness & the pupil of treachery announces himself before you . . . You will acknowledge my power!”

Something stirs . . ..

Something monstrous edges towards this dark figure . . Rattling & hissing furiously.

“Mygalomorphae the orb weaver I command thee, on thy ancient word to accept this offering . . .” He continues

Then the creature finally replies, in a voice that echoes as if spoken by a thousand mouths in all pitches - from a whisper to a roar . . .


The figure reveals himself gesturing towards the alter below.

Mygalomorphae samples the offering.

Like a thirst quenched she sighs basked in a purple glow.

Whilst she sips at the object the true nature of the Sith is revealed at long last!

Drawing the saber that has befallen so many Jedi Palpatine believes he has the upper hand!

The arachnid strikes out instantly - the ploy was amateurish in its conception & no real threat but a duel fills  Mygalomorphae with curiosity.

A stand off

Sparring . . . Her pincers unphased by saber contact . .

She awaits her opportunity . . .

The aggressor is disarmed . .

Counter attack!

Slowly she shakes off the force lightning with her own energies . . .


The woman trapped in the web above murmurs . . . . 

Durandel sees his opportunity & begins to edge the abandoned saber towards them.

In the background Mygalomorphae has finished her dealings with Palpatine.

One of the ambushers from the tavern is also a third groggy prisoner  . . . .

He is snagged from his ceiling bonds & taken below .

Durandel realises that escape is most definitely his only option!!!!

To be continued in act 2 . . . .  :!:
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Re: SW: BLACK ILLUSION *Cornucopian Evil: Act 1* Chapter 6
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 :o :o :o 8)So AWESOME!! So COOL! Great job! GREAT Story so far!! Keep it up!!!
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