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Magician David Copperfield.


I just got from seeing Magician David Copperfield here in Edmonton. This is the 5th time I have seen him live & in person. I must say if you have not seen him perform in person, go see him if he comes around.

The show was just over 1 1/2 hrs. Being a layman magician myself, I have an understanding of what goes on. But let me tell you, there are Illusions that still baffle me as I saw today. The audience had fum as myself. He performed various stage, close-up & comedy magic. A true entertainer.
From a card trick with alive Scorpion to Webster the duck. Passing his body through a solid steel plate to appearing from nowhere.
He made a real car appear on stage & vanished randomly picked members from the audience.

One of his Illusions called Portal, transports induviduals from the stage to a place of there dreams within seconds. This place was Hawaii. I was sitting in row 14 of the main floor just off to the right. A large platform with an audience member & Copperfield on it was move out above the audience & a curtain was drapped over them. Within seconds the curtain was pulled away & they vanished. Well let me tell you, you could see all around the platform & it did not vibrate with any movement. That platform was about 6 feet from me. Poof they are gone. Wow.  :o

Though all Illusion & Misdirection, it is amazing to see this live & in front of your face.

Just thought I would share this with you. It was really entertaining.

Now if I could only use magic to get the Star Wars collectibles that I want.  ;)

Chris Belle:
Wouldn't the be using the Force?  For evil?


--- Quote from: DarkJediCB on December  7, 2002, 10:30 PM ---Wouldn't the be using the Force?  For evil?

--- End quote ---

No. The Force & magic are different.  ;)

Hard to see the Dark Side is.


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