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list of figures you would make
« on: June 11, 2003, 06:36 PM »
if you were the manager in charge of hasbro figures to be made. which would you make

here is my list

1. lumat
2. warok
3. chirpa
4. paploo, that other one was a joke
5. crack addicted ewok
6. ewok army builders
7. ewok village
8. ice cream maker guy
9. sarlac pit stomach acid burned boba fett
10. shuttle tyderian that cost less then a mortage payment
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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2003, 06:51 PM »
Ewoks, articulated Imperial and Rebels, the handful of Cantina people left, several of the neglected droids... Handful of Jabba's people, including Sgt. Doallyn with the two uniform variants... a carbonite block like the one David (Boba Binks) customized.

Basically, a ton of stuff.

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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2003, 11:32 PM »
Hmmm, if I were in charge of the decisions?

Well first I'd fire some people...  Then I'd slap a few others around with small barbed wire covered implement.

Then I'd start deciding who we're gonna make... :)

1) I'd create a line calledUltimate Collector Series ...  And patant that.

This line would consist of one of every main character in their MAIN outfits (IE: it won't include Luke in his medical robes, but would include Jedi Luke, Bespin Luke, X-Wing Luke, Hoth Luke, etc...)

Each figure in the line would include full ammount of accessories that pertain to that costume, full range of articulation (ball/socket neck, ball/socket shoulders, ball/socket knees, ball/socket elbows, wrist articulation, boot-top articulation, etc...), and each figure would cost in the $10 range due to the # of parts, detail/quality, accessories, articulation count, soft goods, etc...

They would be packaged in a RESEALABLE box similar to Dragon's Action 18 line of figures for display reasons, and each box interior would be unique to the character inside (IE: Tatooine Luke's box would be unique with a Tatooine backdrop of sorts, and so on).

These figures would be widely released, and regularly available...  They would reship if a need was determined, or after a period of time past their initial release.

THESE would be the premiere figures of the modern line, and the "definitive" versions of each character.  Some may feature interchangeable parts (ROTJ Luke's hands for instance), or even heads in some cases (Hoth Luke).

2) Second to this line of figures would be the main line as we know it today, but improved.  It however would still include a Collection 1, and Collection 2 theme.

Collection 1 would remain "main" characters...  They would be "action-posed" versions of the main characters, or background/minor versions of major characters.  Here would come into play, for instance, a "Death Star Escape" Han Solo for instance, whose posed to be running from the Imperial Stormtroopers...  It would also include a Medical Frigate Luke though, for instance, in a neutral pose but wearing the less than important costume he donned aboard the Frigate Redemption.

Collection 2 would also remain as it is, with characters such as background aliens and army builders.  You could see anyone from Hem Dazon to Mof Jerjerrod in this lineup, and a neutral pose/good articulation would be a must.

3) For army builder figures, they would receive heavier articulation counts and accessory/feature counts as well.  While it will increase cost, increased sales are to be expected with a Hoth Rebel Soldier as opposed to a Cantina Alien...  Profits SHOULD be recouped via this theory...

Army Builders will ALSO be seen released in "multi-packs" also...  While a carded figure will see ONLY one version, the multi-packs will see multiple heads, or variant decos...  

For example, a new Rebel Fleet Trooper will be produced featuring removeable helmet, functioning holster, FULL articulation, (and possibly extra accessories such as a guard's pike, or scanner pistol) and the initial headsculpt for the carded figure will be a generic likeness of a white male.  A 4-pack will later be released though, featuring a black male, older white male (grey hair), and either an asian male or 2nd white male hair color variation, in addition to ONE of the original carded release.

How 4-packs are made available, I'm not sure yet...  I'll work that out with my "team".   ;D  It may just be white mailer boxes, possibly a window box set, or maybe a large blister pack, I dunno...  Almost ALL army builders would see this type of release though.

4)  A 3rd line, in addition to the previous 3 collections will be introduced in a more sporatic fashion throughout the year.  This 3rd line shall entail Expanded Universe figures, and will be a mix of major and minor characters.

Quality will be up to par with the Collection 2 line as far as articulation and such goes, and the "army builders" may see a similar release fashion to the movie army builders as well (IE: A Dark Trooper 4-pack, or Yuzahn Vong 4-pack).

And that would be my structure for the 3.75" line...  I would maintain a 12" line in limited quantities (I feel it's Hasbro's weakest aspect), but try to improve overall quality of this line since the product output would be lighter than it has been.

I would also attempt to maintain the Unleashed property as it is, but possibly making it an Internet-exclusive license...  IE: Only etailers would receive these product...  They'd be like Hasbro's own lil mini-bust line in a way.  A collector-only product (I feel over-diversity detracts from a toy license overall, and Hasbro's made this mistake in the past couple years).
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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2003, 12:53 AM »
So glad you asked.   ;D  First off, Jesse has my vote for president of Hasbro.  Ditto to everything he said.  For the specific figures I want, here they are:

   Dorme.   ;D
   Mace Windu “This Party’s Over”
   Pablo Jill Jedi
   Bultar Swann Jedi
   Nick Gillard Arena Jedi
   Sly Moore
   Padme Naboo Picnic
   Padme Naboo Arrival (Gold crown)
   Barada Jedi
   Roth Del Masona
   OOM-9 Arena Battle Droid
   Obi Wan Robes
   Anakin Robes
   Mace Robes
   Padme Reunion w/ Obi & Anakin
   Anakin Arena w/ cuffs
   Random Jedi w/ 2 lightsabers
   Clone Pink Pajamas
   Geonosian w/ sonic blaster
   Padme Tatooine Arrival
   Owen and Beru Lars
   Jocasta Nu w/ Dooku bust.
   Wedge Snowspeeder Flight Suit
   Wedge Rogue Leader
   Luke Medical Fatigues
   Luke Snowspeeder Flight Suit
   Luke Hoth
   Luke Endor Chase
   Luke Dagobah
   Luke Jedi Hologram
   Han Trench Coat
   Leia Bespin Gown
   Leia Endor Chase
   Chewbacca Endor Battle
   R2 w/ Service Tray
   Lando Smuggler
   Lando General
   Echo Base Soldier
   General Riekkan
   General Veers w/ Holo Vader
   Darth Vader Ultimate removable helmet (two piece)
   CZ Droid
   Hem Dazon
   Bom Vidim
   Cloud Car Pilot
   Chief Chirpa
   Ewok Mom w/ Woklings
   Weequay Drummer
   General Madine
   Obi Wan Swimming
   TPM Padme Palpatine’s Quarters
   Yaddle w/ chair
   Gorgamonger w/ frog rack
   Yarael Poof
   Padme Orange Handmaiden
   TPM Obi Wan Robes two hands on saber
   Depa Biliba
   Padme Return to Naboo
   Padme Celebration
   Ratts Tyrell and Family
   Dud Bolt

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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2003, 03:11 AM »
Hey, thanks Spuffy. :)  That's 2 nominations (I've not forgotten MisterPL's either!!!)

You listening Hasbro?  Pay for my college and hire me.

***Flexes like Spaceghost***

(May make "individual figure" nominations in the near future, plus my plans for other aspects of the 3.75" line!)
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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2003, 09:49 AM »
You know the said thing about this thread is that Hasbro is probably taking notes, doing exactly what we have all suggested that could be done better, and running with it.  Of course THEY would be the ones getting all the credit and glory for these improvements, and none of us get any credit for it.

I think Hasbro should have a contest about improvements to Star Wars toys, and the one who has the best ideas earns a one-year contract to work for Hasbro in the Star Wars division.  They owe us that much.

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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #6 on: June 12, 2003, 11:18 AM »
Well this is a want list of mine.  If I were in charge of Hasbro I'd probably have done something like what Jesse James wants.  Ultimate figures or something like that instead of having 55 Lukes.  

But since that ain't gonna happen.  Here ya go.  

A New Hope:

Luke (Poncho)
Tonnika Sisters
Bom Vimdin
Pipe Smoker
CZ-1 or CZ-3
Yavin Rebel Sentry
R2-D2 - Shot by Vader or Jawas


Gen Riekaan
Admiral Ozzel
Cloud Car Pilot
Ice Cream Maker Guy
Maj Drelin (Cliff Claven I think)
New Brown Coated Hoth Soldier that looks good
Gen Veers (Snap on AT-AT Commdr armor)
African American Bespin Guard
Luke (Medical Frigate)
Lando (smuggler's outfit)


Gen Madine
Hermi Odle
Chief Chirpa
Klaatu (Palace outfit)
Ishi Tib (Palace outfit)
Skiff Master Weequay
Sergeant Doallyn
Wookling and Mom Ewok
Moff Jerjerrod
R2-D2 - Drink Tray


Queen (Celebration Gown)
Tey How (Federation Ship Controller)
Ratts Tyrel
Yarael Poof
Depa Bilabu (sp?)
Wookie Senator
ET Senato
Swoke Swokes
Naboo Pilot - long coat


Pablo Jill
Bultar Swan
Passel Argente
Stas Allie
Weequay Jedi
Adult Clone - red outfit
Padme - several outfits
More Warroom Seperatists (don't know names)

I am sure I can think of more later.  Yes, I'd buy almost everything I've written here if I had the money.  Definitely have the desire :)
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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2003, 02:13 PM »
Jesse James has my vote.What would you do for the vehicle and playset line?

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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #8 on: June 12, 2003, 02:23 PM »
I would also agree with Jesse James being the president...his ideas are exactly what I would hope to see done with the line.  The Ultimate Collector Series would be tremendous, and would be a top seller if done in the fashion he is talking about.  Hopefully something like this will come in the future, I think it would be better for both Hasbro and us collectors (and the kids for that matter).  Great ideas everyone. :)

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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #9 on: June 12, 2003, 07:36 PM »
1) I'd create a line called Ultimate Collector Series...  And patent that.

I've seen a couple of the other guys here talking about something very similar (MisterPL and JediMAC, I think).  I believe they were also speculating that maybe this will happen after the line tails off following Episode 3, since Hasbro extended their license for so much longer.  I love the idea myself, though I frankly think it's what Hasbro should've been doing all along.  But if they do make a new "ultimate" line of figures, I hope they keep it similarly sized, and don't go too big.  I'd still love some scale vehicles and some authentic playsets to go with them.

But when it comes to which figures I'd make if I were at Hasbro, I'd pretty much make EVERYONE who hasn't been made yet.  Especially the more notable background characters, like various droids, and all the aliens in the Cantina and Jabba's Palace.  I think DB and Spuffy have mentioned most of them below, so I won't put out another list here.  Hopefully the next couple years of "collector driven" market up until the Ep. 3 release will see a good number of these desired characters - ala the POTJ line.   8)

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Re: list of figures you would make
« Reply #10 on: June 13, 2003, 09:20 AM »
Wow! some of you should put your application into the management of Hasbro...

This is why I think that 1-4 collectors should sit on the executive board...

They certainly know what fans want most and that is their figures in plenty and on a regular basis...


Come on Hasbro, Listen UP!!!!!!!!!!