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Hung Solow:
Is this a Imperial title like Moff???  Is there only one Darth at a time???  What gives???

Jesse James:
I believe the Prequals have established it as a Sith title...  

And there's 2 sith at a time only (though there can be many "fallen" or Dark Jedi  or force users, which draws confusion), so there's only ever 2 folks using that whole Darth title thing.

Though it's never mentioned in the movies, it's commonly held that "Darth" is an abbreviation of "Dark Lord of the Sith."

(Just as "Obi-Wan" is an abbreviation for "Obstinate Ben Kenobi, Qui-Gon's drunken padawan."  8)

On the European figures we get over here, Darth is always translated as “Dark” – Dark Lord of the Aardvark  ;)


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