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Baically the same thing as the first 2, but with new levels, unlockables & characters. Plus, making his first appearance Lego Indiana Jones! I was on the edge if I wanted this but Lego Indy sold it for me. I'm gonna sell my PS2 Legos, I guess.

I might pick this up for the 360 whenever I get one.

I received this game for Christmas and have been playing it on my 360 and it's quite a bit of fun.  I do prefer playing this game on a console than the previous versions I've played on PC....the controller definitely helps control the characters better as opposed to the keyboard, especially on the flying levels.

I love this game. Its just a fun game. I can even get my girlfriend to play. I cant wait for the Indy Lego to come out.

Speaking of Lego Indy, when does Lego Batman come out?

Is there really a Lego Helo in development?


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