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I was able to help Jesse out recently with a few items and not only did he send payment lightning fast he also sent me a few bonus items totally out of friendliness.A kind gesture from him that I truly appreciate.

Overall smooth transaction all around and very nice to chat with.Pleasure is all mine Jesse,thanks alot! ;D

Thanks for the great deal, and excellent condition.  Hope to deal again!

Finally did some trading with one of my all-time favorite guys from the collecting boards - Jesse James.  My good buddy here was an absolute pleasure to deal with all the way, as I fully expected.  Quick payment, and a HTF figure to boot!  Thanks Jesse.  Hopefully we can do it again some time!   8)

Round 2's in the bag with my good buddy Jesse!  Super fast payment, and smooth dealings all the way through.  Always a pleasure.  Don't hesitate to deal with him if you get the chance!

Thanks Jesse.  Looking forward to the next go 'round with ya'...   ;)

- M

Just finished a deal with Jesse, and it was smooth as butter... and one of the best packing jobs I've ever seen! Definitely a pleasure to deal with, and a benefit to the community!

Thanks Jesse!  ;D


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