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Price range of Blue Snaggletooth?

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Angry Ewok:
Pretty straight forward question for all of you vintage gurus - how much should I expect to pay for a loose and preferably complete Blue Snaggletooth?

Depends on the condition you want Brad, the better the more you pay. Via the completed auctions on the bay, he ranges from $90.-$200. & AFA well nix that.  ::)

The paint on the boots are the main thing. The more wear the boots, the less he would go for as with the head & hands.

IMO, a good complete one would be around $125.-$150. range, others will have a different opinion on the price.

I tend to agree with Dale, for a nice example with good silver on the boots I would expect to pay around $125   some can be had for less some more, I won't even go into the AFA stuff as I think it's nuts to pay for someones opinion expecially on a loose figure. The 2 versions of the toe also seem to be close in price,

I've been trying to find one in above average shape for a few years now.  Not really actively seeking one, but I've yet to find a really solid one for under $100.   :-\

I'm in the market for one as well.... I haven't seen one with great paint sell for less than $150 - so I'm expecting to drop about that when I finally pull the trigger on one.


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