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Received My Acrylic Case's From Oscar.


I received my Acrylic Case's today from Oscar.

I ordered 2 Slim cases.
1 for my ESB FX-7 Proof Card & 1 for my 12 back R2-D2 card. I must say I am very impressed with them. Super thin & solid. Has a nice sliding bar just off the bottom to hold the card in & on the top rear, a nail hinge so it can be hung up on a wall.

As mentioned before, you can check Oscar's site out on his cases. You will not be disappointed.  ;)

I ordered some cases for my Ephant Mon figure and it turned out sweet.  It took a while to get these from Oscar, but the wait was well worth it.  It's the one on the left.  The case on the right I ordered from's website.


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