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How does whiney Anakin turn into awesome Vader


Sith Bounty Hunter:
How do little whiney Anakin Skywalker turn into my fav charather in the triolgy, Vader. It's kinda weird. Oh well Anakin is a baby and Vader is cool.

Angry Ewok:
Well, Palpatine must have put Anakin through some kind of mental-hell in order to physche him out of being a crybaby and suddenly becomming an obedient pet. Leia mentioned Tarkin had Vader at the end of a chain, not even Obi-Wan could steer Anakin and now a Moff has control of him - that tells you that in Episode 3 or afterwards, Palpatine smacks Anakin around a bit and shows him whose boss.

Hung Solow:
Never underestimate the power of an open-handed slap to the mouth.

Darth Broem:
Because Anakin is going to lose his love Padme.  Then he'll stop becoming a whiner and start being a winner.  That's right.  He'll cry his last tears when Padme croaks off.  Anakin will snap into a 20 plus year rage filled quest to make up for the hole in his heart.  If Anakin ain't happy then no else is going to be happy either by golly-wolly.  


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