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THE BATTLE OF HOTH / Episode 1 - Resistance
« on: January 11, 2008, 10:15 AM »

EPISODE 1 - Resistance

Hoth, planet of ice and death ... It is also one of many bases CSI where lies the COUNT DOOKU. The Republic became aware of this cache and sent an army under the command of Jedi Master himself YODA assisted by the Commander RUCARD.

While most of the staff of the Republic are occupied elsewhere, a small troupe Wookie joined the Battle of Hoth.

But the battle lasted longer because COUNT DOOKU and GENERAL GRIEVOUS were in the base of CSI, and it was at all costs, capture or kill them ...

A battle raged in a tunnel icy Hoth ...

Dro´de: Fire in the hole!

General Grievous: So commander Acer ... Will you beg me now?

Ril Acer: Never ... Never shall I supplierai of ferrailes! Rather die!

Grievous: As you wish!

4 days earlier ...

Base secret of the Republic

Head Wookiee (translated): My troops began to agitated .... We need large spaces and nature ....

Commander Rucard: The separatists have been very calm his time ... They prepare surment something! The wookiees must take the blows!

Yoda: Can be expected too long, we have ...

Rucard: Do not feel guilty Master Yoda ...

Head Wookiee (translated): We must no longer wait! Fight!

Rucard: Okay, but then Calm down! In addition, reinforcements have just arrived.

Yoda: Gather men Commander Rucard.

Jeff: RIL! I am here! Coruscant we finally sent reinforcements!

RIL: Jeff! I am surprised they send beginners here ...

Jeff: Beginner? I participated in the Battle of Kamino!

RIL: Being in a warm cruiser while the battle is raging on the planet, I call it not "participate" ... But I am glad to see you!

Jeff: ... Dahaak Eh! I came as reinforcements! You are saved!

Dahaak: Raaaooor! Wooowoo!

RIL: Eh bah ... The team is full!

Rucard: Well master Yoda, but I do not know whether it is wise to entrust this task to them ...

Yoda: From my choice, I have no doubt.

Rucard: Well, I throw men ...

1 hour later ...

Rucard: Well, we have gather here because it will be necessary to take action!

Yoda: it is a long time that we did not launch an attack of this size on the separatists ...

Rucard: You know that our core and the CSI does fesait that before and was linked by a long tunnel.

Yoda: Infiltrate by this tunnel, it will be necessary to carry out the mission ...

Soldiers: This is sucide operation ...

Jeff: The tunnel is reputed to be very dangerous ... Do not be noticed likely to be hard ...

RIL: You do not have to worry how you will not surment of the mission.

Jeff: What?!

RIL: Silence now ...

Rucard: The mission is simple, infiltrate, disable the defences of the enemies thanks to the plan that we have, and then wait for the main army arrives and continues the job by destroying the enemies.

Yoda: Simple's mission seems, but we must be careful ... The separatists are not the only enemies on this planet ...

Jeff: What is its meaning? Why I will not be taken?

RIL: We will not even discuss it! This is your first real battle ... And worse I do not agree!

Jeff: It is always the same! You told myself that I could come with you in missions if we were together ...

RIL: Yes, but not to such mission! Elsewhere And they have not said that to be me who will attend!

Yoda: Commander Acer! You leave with Dahaak. The meeting adjourned!

Rucard: Acer, good luck!

RIL: Thank you, Commander.

Yoda: May the Force be with you, RIL ...

RIL: I hope so ...

Jeff: Why am I not taken me !!???

RIL: Jeff!

Rucard: Rookie Jeff ... This mission is at high risk! Now I do not want to hear you! It does not discuss an order!

RIL: Jeff ... Look, this is not against you but it is not to hunt small dro´des troops ... It is a crucial task! If you want, and then I like his trainer you can quickly carry out missions largest ... Okay?

Jeff: Yes ....

Rucard: Acer! We must go ...

RIL: We promise of a successful mission!

Rucard: We keep in touch, good luck!

Dahaak: Waaaooooouuurrr

RIL: There will Dahaak!

Jeff ......

Grand tunnel ...

RIL: Piouf ... Done is really cold in the tunnel ...

Dahaak: Wooooo .... Giuuu

RIL: Ouai your moving ... It is not the end of the tunnel ... Hahahaha the end of the tunnel, you understand? Hahahahahaaa .....

Dahaak: .......

Base of the Republic ...

Rucard: Master Yoda! Master Yoda!

Yoda: What happens there, Commander Rucard?

Rucard: We have a problem ....

Dahaak: Waaarooooorrr Grooaar

RIL: Ok, it is a short break ...

Jeff: Hey!

Dahaak: WAAARRR!

RIL: JEFF! But brothel what are you crazy here!

Jeff: I told myself that a weapon could help more ...

RIL: But you are unconscious raaah! Good already, and its return to the base! This is not your miserable blaster who walks once in two will save you ...

Jeff: Ril Nan! I remain to help you!

RIL: But you comm .... Shhh! You heard?

Dahaak: Rrrrrrrr ...

Jeff: With your screams I heard nothing ....

Suddenly a Wampa surgissa and struck Jeff and Dahaak!

Jeff: Aaaaarrg!


RIL: Dahaak rises up quickly!

The Wampa near the unconscious body of Jeff ...


The Wampa swing RIL on the ground with violence!


The Wampa approached Wookiee who grabbed

And threw himself on the monster of snow!

But the Wampa was far too powerful and raised Dahaak ...

... crushed into a block of ice !!!


The wookiee was unconscious, the Wampa it to eat!

It was then that RIL achieved blaster and ....

RIL: Hands off Dahaak!

... touched the monster hit!

RIL finally lost knowledge ...

RIL: Dahaak ... Jeff .... I am sorry .... .....

A follow ....

 by Drakkar  ;)

Please release comments;)
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Re: THE BATTLE OF HOTH / Episode 1 - Resistance
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2008, 11:40 PM »
I like a lot of the photoshopped effects that you added to your shots.  Maybe in the future you could also add more elaborate backgrounds.

Some parts of your story were difficult to read because English is not your first language, I know this will improve over time.

Good work overall, I look forward to more.   :D
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Re: THE BATTLE OF HOTH / Episode 1 - Resistance
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2008, 01:55 PM »
I bet that Jeff saves the day, at some point.
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Re: THE BATTLE OF HOTH / Episode 1 - Resistance
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2008, 05:20 PM »
This is pretty good work... very entertaining to say the least.

Although the dioramas aren't the most elaborate, I think your photo editing skills more than make up for it... I really dig the foggy atmosphere, it looks damn cold there.

Seeing a Wookiee go toe to toe with a Wampa is pretty fun too, I've never seen that before.   :)

Looking forward to the next chapter...