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Jesse James:
Taking this one off the "rumors" thread, basically because of our story Right Here!

$150 for a new Millenium Falcon?  Hmmm...  Well, the speculation that it was a retooling of the original one's insides seems to be a little less likely at that price.  At least I'd hope it's something much more spectacular for $150...  I'm sort of torn on buying it.  If sections of the ship are to-scale, like say the cockpit for instance, I'd be compelled to buy it for that...  But if that's all that is, I'd be hesitant at the same time.

It's such a large ship (like the AT-AT), that hoping for scale is just not realistic/practical, so it really tests my spending habits, haha. 

I'm anxious to see what is being delivered though.  Either way, a Falcon overhaul is long overdue...  The trademark series ship has been outdated since it came back in 95/96.  Kudos to Hasbro for recognizing that about 12 years later.

HOLY *I'M GLAD THERE'S A PROFANITY FILTER*!!!  Hasbro has been talking about things like "Well, if we get around to re-doing the Falcon, we want to do it right, blah blah blah..."  Could this really be it?!?!  I'm now waiting for Toy Fair with baited breath!

$150.!!!! Holy crap!

The ship that made the Kessel run.........i'm excited.  Another ship in the pantheon of SW vehicles I do not own.  I'll definitely being scoping out this one though.  I was thrilled to get the Shuttle in '06, and y-wing last year.  2 ships i've wanted since i was a kid.  If they update the Slave 1, I'll probably grab one. 

Darth Broem:
At that price it had better be an all new Falcon.   I am definately interested and kind of salivating as to what it may look like.   I am very surprised Hasbro is putting out this and the AT-TE in one year though.  I hope it does not bite them.  But if 2 items were to ever sell it would be those.  I just hope it is at Toy Fair!


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