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TRU "Hoth Patrol" Battle Pack

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It first showed up at Celebration IV.  Then, at SDCC'07 we found out it was coming in 2008 as an exclusive.

Now, we know "who" picked it up - Toys R Us.  No idea on the "when" just yet, but if it's this far along, it must be sooner rather than later...  ;)

Box full of repacks?  An easy "pass" for me...  ;)

Well I'm sure kids may wanna get it but I'm sure most collectors have these figures already.

A VERY uninspired pack.

I suppose if new collectors and kids missed this....

I just don't see kids being into the OT though like they are the PT. So this will be a pegwarming set like the Bantha is in my area.

New Hasbro NEW!!!!

Damn... Toys R Us exclusive? That sucks for me... the closest TRU is about 30-40 minutes from my house. Would anyone here be interested in purchasing one of these sets for me, as well as 4 STAP Attack sets? (assuming those are TRU exclusives as well) If you're interested in helping out a fellow collector and making some extra cash for yourself, please PM me and we can work out payment info when these sets come out.

This is one i can say without a doubt is a big pass. I already have 3 tauntuans and i believe 2 wampas. No need for any more since there is nothing new in that set.


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