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2008 Clone Wars Packaging Revealed

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Rune Haako:

Slick looking... I like them.

But man, it is going to be hard for carded collectors to keep those antenna points minty.  :P

I'm getting the feeling that these figures are gonna be animated style.

It looks kinda cool I guess, nothing can take the place of the TAC packaging though... :-\

   That looks nice. Kind of reminds me of the Revenge of the Sith package, only lighter and cooler.
   I'm really hoping that the figures themselves are in the animated style so I do not feel compelled to buy them. From the two-minute preview shown at CIV, the vehicles don't look to be dramatically altered going from the movie style to 3-D animated style, so I think those toys  would be fine.
   Also, the July on-shelf date for these packages, does anyone think that the action figures will be out then? If the August 8th movie release rumor is true, then I believe that everything will it in July. If not, I think Clone Wars toys will be a little later on in the year and July will just hold the debut of Clone Wars:The Bedsheets and Clone Wars:The Flamethrower.

Wow.  That's kinda cool, and different.  By the way...the figs will NOT BE animated style.  Hasbro has said so, over and over.

I'm curious to know what the "regular" figure line will be called, and what the packages will look like.


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