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Chris M:

--- Quote from: BillCable on March 22, 2013, 11:37 AM ---Is there something I'm missing?  I didn't see anything in the trailer that really wowed me.  It was good... but pretty much standard action stuff.

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  That said, I'm excited about this movie.  I thought the reboot was beyond awesome and I'm hoping the same for this.

It still seems to me like the "you thought you were safe" was ripped off of The Old Republic trailer's "You were decieved..." Cumberbatch's character is really Darth Malgus?

New trailer up. Better than SW episodes I, II & III.   :P

I believe in you Jim

Jesse James:
Diane's actually pumped to see this...  To me that speaks volumes about this reboot's far-reaching appeal and popularity.  She HATES when I sit and watch TNG or the older movies.  She really isn't a SW fan...  But these movies she's into.

Maybe she's into Chris Pine or Zack Quinto, Simon Pegg... or whoever?


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