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Clone Wars Figures to Have Action Features

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Hasbro's Latest Media Release


(Approximate Retail Price: $7.99; Ages 4 & up; Available: July 26, 2008)

In July, Star Wars fans will be introduced to the first new wave of characters based on STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. Each figure has an exciting action feature. In 2008, a total of 28 different action figures will be launched."

Can you believe it?  ::)

Rune Haako:
PASS! ::)

Looks like I can save my money for an AT-TE or two.

Lame. I see they're also upping the cost by about $2.  ::)

Jesse James:
I believe Curto mentioned this over at Scum, and it may imply he is aware of something or is just playing devil's advocate, however he said, "not all action features are built into figures, some are in accessories" (paraphrasing), which is true... 

If it's of any consolation, our report the other day implied there were no visible features at all, so I'm guessing if anything is implemented in the figures, it's ROTS-ish in nature and shouldn't impede the figure's sculpt or articulation much... 

Or, like Curto mentioned, they could be in accessories instead... 

2005 was a good year, so I wouldn't be surprised if they went with that basic model in the line again this year.

Regardless though...  At $7.99 a pop, I think I"m calling it quits on Clone Wars stuff early.  I'll buy ships if they're realistic, I'll pass on figures if they're not.

I don't care that much about the action features but $7.99 blows nards.... :-\


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