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Best place to purchase new comics / online resources


aka DaBigKahuna:
Here are a few sites:

Mile High Comics
Midtown Comics

Can anyone shed some light on this?


Mikey D:
I still think to best way to purchase new comics is to find a comic shop near you and buy them there.  No shipping charges, new books every Wednesday, etc.  Most have a "club" you can join and they hold the books you want for you.  That way you don't have to go every week, you just do a pick up once or twice a month and pay for it then.

To find a shop near you, click here

aka DaBigKahuna:
Thanks for the input.


aka DaBigKahuna:
I stubmed across this super cool site.  Even has pictures of some of the covers!


aka DaBigKahuna:

%35 off cover price on all comics!


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