Author Topic: Who Is Left From Boonta Eve Podrace/Mos Espa?  (Read 3760 times)

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Re: Who Is Left From Boonta Eve Podrace/Mos Espa?
« Reply #15 on: February 11, 2008, 11:53 PM »
I'd say as well that nothing on the list is really high on my list either, or even high on my Episode 1 wishlist as I'd like many resculpts and few newer figures.  I would take the Hutt, the guards, some humans and things...  Not many pod racers I'd want though, including Mawhonic.  Just not a group of characters I liked at all.  I'm content where we're at personally with them.
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Re: Who Is Left From Boonta Eve Podrace/Mos Espa?
« Reply #16 on: February 17, 2008, 11:56 PM »
I am not a big fan of the podracers either with the exception of maybe Mawhonic. Visually, he's the only podracer that doesn't look like a reject from the Muppets. I think the more interesting characters can be found in Jabba's box. So, here's my short list:

1. Chokk
2. Diva Shaliqua
3. R5-X2 (this seems like a no brainer for Hasbro; just a red and white repaint of the R5 model)
4. Bib Fortuna - the costume is different and he looks younger - it'd be a nice re-sculpt

Heck! This might even be the right opportunity for Gardulla the Hutt a la the Droid Factory. Build a Hutt.

BTW .... I realize this discussion was started before Toyfare. I am not sure which is which but I think Watto might be coming with one of the two R2 units in the list in one of the six Wal-mart two-packs. Who would have thought that'd be the first one to make it on to the shelves from the unproduced TPM characters.