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If the CW3D show is very popular, and they maintain the animated style figures for 2-3 years, I wonder if they would pepper in some "classic" characters in the same style?  I only wonder this because of all of the Animated style statues that Gentle Giant releases of OT charcters.  I can see it happening, as well as "realistic" CW3D figures making it into the Legacy line.


Jesse James:

That's a bad idea to me personally, but I wouldn't put it past them if it's popular.

I think it would matter on two things:

1. How popular the Animated figures are.

2. If the OT characters make appearances in the cartoon.

I don't know if I see the Star Wars line going animated, but like others have said, if Clone Wars is really popular I could see the chances of getting more figures in that style going up.  I do see where a bit of a precedent has been set with the GG statues/maquettes though.  Things would get crazy if we started seeing things outside of the Clone Wars get the animated treatment though, judging from the majority's opinions on the CW animated line.

Aside from the figures, I personally would like to see a series (like Clone Wars) set in the OT time frame.  I might be in the minority there, but I miss the OT focus a little bit and wouldn't mind seeing the adventures of our favorite Rebels and Imperials every week as well.  Nothing wrong with the Clone Wars mind you, I'm looking forward to that too, but it would just be kind of neat to see an OT animated series as well.

I like Brian's idea of an OT animated series with our Rebels in it...

as for figures, if they did it that's fine. I would not be interested in them, but there are others that would be, I'm sure. I'd prefer to get our OT wants that we see on our JD wishlists that Scott does done first than to see animated versions of Luke, Han and the like.


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