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Attack of the Clones: Impressions Revisited

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Until the end of time, when I watch that first scene between Anakin and Padme, when she says "oh, Ani, you'll always be that little boy I knew on tatooine," I'll always yell "cut to his reaction!" It's his scene. She just dissed him. We needed to see his reaction to the answer to the question he came into the scene with. Horrible shortsightedness on the part of the filmmakers, they didn't even "get" their own movie.

Watched AOTC the other night and a couple things kinda stuck out.

When they are in the droid factory, why do Padme and Anakin seem to run away from each other.  I know Padme does the whole obsticle course thing with the machines, and the Geonosians attack Anakin, but it seems like they really didn't make a lot of effort to move towards each other.  Like Anton's comment about Anakin's reaction, a tiny little thing added to this scene would make it more believeable, like Padme being chased by a Geonosian the whole time, or Anakin telling her to head toward the exit and he'll get the control room, something....

I felt bad for Ewan MacGregor, watching him interact with the Kaminoans was a little tough.  Clearly talking to a CGI character hasn't been refined to the level of creating that CGI character.  I didn't really like the scene at Deks diner either, seemed to have the same stunted feel, where it needed a little more fleshing out.

While we were watching AOTC we got to the arena scene where two Jedi toss lightsabers to Anakin and Obi-Wan.  Anyone remember who those cameo actors are?  I thought they were from a 90s boyband, but my wife didn't recognize them and I couldn't remember who they were.  Anyone know?

The rumor was that they were from In-Sync or something like that (Joey Varone?), but I think the rumor was debunked.


--- Quote from: David on May 13, 2008, 06:29 PM ---Sorry for the brief reply, but...damn, AOTC sucked. By far the worst movie of the saga. The bad acting, the lame romance, the lack of 'star wars', the horrible action figure line...yuck... :-\

--- End quote ---

I don't think the movie sucked. I couldn't get enough of the Arena scene, with all the Jedi. That was always my favorite part. And IMO the action figure line was great. It just got better and better. Although I am not to keen on the "Big Bubble" but oh well. Attack Of The Clones, was hot.  ;)


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