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OTC or VOTC: Which Yoda Do You Prefer?

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The OTC/VOTC collection was a great time for OT fans, with a lot of nice figures (even with all the repacks in that collection).  We got two nice Yoda figures, and both have their positives, but I was curious which Yoda you guys prefer.  Do you consider either of them the "definitive" OT Yoda?

I definitely consider the OTC Yoda my definitive version.

Leg articulation is great for a prequel Yoda, but OT Yoda never did anything but stand there with a hand up his ass anyway. Plus his cloth robe was just way too poofy on such a tiny figure. Throw all that in with the doubled price on a quarter-sized figure, and I never even bought the VOTC version. Instead I spent that money on a second Luke and Yoda to do the backpack thing.

Jesse James:
I'm more a VOTC Yoda fan for definitive...  I added a Vintage Yoda belt to my VOTC Yoda because, well, Hasbro didn't include his utility belt for some reason...  It cuts down some poofyness and it makes it more accurate.  The flute, the articulation, the cane, etc.  It's pretty good.

That's not to say the OTC is bad, it's just his equal with plastic instead of cloth.  I prefer him to ride on Luke's back then, since that's what he looks best doing IMO.

Thanks for the tip with the belt/cloak on VOTC Yoda Jesse, I might have to get an extra belt to try that out sometime.  That's the only drawback of that figure really to me, its just hard to have the cloak look "not puffy" in that small of a figure - at least with that material.

Well, I must say I was disappointed in these figures for the most part.  The facial sculpts are good but they could be so much better.  I think that all in all the VOTC yoda is the better figure in spite of the poof of the coat, simply because it is a better sculpt.  It allows for more manipulation, and the facial sculpt is better.  It is definitely worth the extra money. gives it an outstanding review.


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