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For those of you who collected Micro Machines back in the day, I've got a question for you about the characters sets (9 micro figures), such as the one shown above.  According to my list that I've pieced together over the last few years, there were 15 sets released:

___ Bounty Hunters*
___ Classic Characters
___ Classic Characters (2nd)*
___ Echo Base Troops
___ Endor Rebel Strike Team*
___ Ewoks
___ Imperial Naval Troopers
___ Imperial Officers
___ Imperial Pilots
___ Imperial Scout Troopers*
___ Imperial Stormtroopers
___ Jawas
___ Rebel Fleet Troopers
___ Rebel (X-Wing) Pilots
___ Tusken Raiders

However, I can't remember seeing pictures for the ones with the asterisk (*), and have had no luck finding them on eBay.  Can anyone confirm if they really were released?

The image above shows the first release of the Classic Characters, but I don't know which ones were supposedly included in the 2nd release.  Does anyone know which characters were included?

I'm almost positive I have the Bounty Hunter set packed away somewhere.

Yes, the ones with the asterisk do exist.  They were the final 4 produced and are rarer than the others.

I have both main character sets, believe they are mostly the same chars, just in different poses.  I can check the boxes on Sunday and let you know.

I may have extras of the some of the final 4 if you are interested.  Let me know.

I was correct.  They both have the same main chars in them with just different poses.  The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at obiwan.  One pack has him as a ghost/holo and the other pack has him as regular old obi.

I have extras of:
1) biker scouts, card is mint but has price sticker damage in top right corner
2) classic chars with regular obi, mint card
3) ewoks, mint card

Also have most of the ship 3 packs mint carded too.

Everything would be $5 each.

Sorry for my late reply, but I appreciate your answers. :)


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