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Anyone else collect the Willitts Designs Star Wars 70mm Collector Films cels? I'm not two away from a complete set, unless I decide to get the Empire Strikes Back Set B. I also have a few miscellaneous cels, like the small set from the TPM VHS set, and a nice set of AOTC IMAX cells :)

I collect these also, and are just a few short of having the whole set.  I am not collecting the Empire set B, unless I find them super cheap.  I started my collection through Hamilton, and it was a bit pricey. Much cheaper on eBay now. Will be great to finally finish the set.

 I also have a porcelain card collection from Hamilton, but still missing 4 from that collection, too. At least there is still something to hunt for!

Well I now only need 1 cel to complete my collection! ESB: Boba Fett Special Edition.


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