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New "Dueling Club" Harry Potter Figs!


Jango Fettish:
I was at Target yesterday and something caught my attention. Apparently some new HP figure line has been released, called "Dueling Club".

I've been holding out on the "ultimate" Harry Potter figure. Just, all the other ones were so gimmicky, I had to pass. BUT, this time around, i think Mattel got it.

Well, I decided to go back to Target today, of course both the Prof. Lockhart's that were there yesterday were gone. Malfroy has a fig too, but it's the chase fig in this series, and Tom Riddle, although not a Dueling Club figure, was also in this assortment.

The DC Harry is awesome! Soft good cloak w/ Gryffindor crest decal, removeable wand, decent articulation, glasses (not molded on), and an actual fun "spell casting" action feature.

I cut off the tab on his back, as well as the tag in his cloak, and VOILA! Awesome new Harry Potter fig!

Mandalorian Madman:
I saw the dueling club ones not too long ago at fred meyer but I didn't pick them up because I'm not really a fan but I thought they looked pretty good (especially lockhart and harry). should have though since they had malfoy.

It's a great-looking figure, but it's not something I would buy though.  I only collect Star Wars stuff.

i thought u were kidding when u told me you bought this... Dear god....

Jango Fettish:
..says the guy with the Episode 1 Naboo Starfighter TISSUE BOX COVER IN HIS BATHROOM!


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