Author Topic: Spoiled by Star Wars?  (Read 3278 times)

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Re: Spoiled by Star Wars?
« Reply #15 on: May 5, 2008, 01:35 AM »
I'm digging it completely and other than eyes I'm not really disappointed...

Well, I take that back.  I see a lot of figures lacking articulation where I think it's warranted (monkey man/Marion's knees, etc.), but at the end of the day I think the figures are pretty on-par with Star Wars.  Then again, contrary to Scott I actually though Bespin Luke's likeness was alright...  maybe I'm easier to please in that regard though.  :-\

I'm digging what I've seen so far though, and like Jeff I've seen enough Indy's to get one with a good paintjob.  The other figures I don't think look quite so bad overall, it's Indy I'm seeing has the worst eye paint. 

Actually I don't even see many KotCS Indy's.  Go figure.  I see more Raiders Indy's around actually...  Maybe the line has some legs to it?  My WM's sold through what was on the pegs 3 times now and restocked.  That's since Friday when I got down there to check...  That's not bad really by my account.  Target doesn't have their vehicles out for me to try maximizing the coupons like Jeff did (yet), but when they do I fully plan to stock up on them, as well as the Deluxe figures (German on bike especially, and German 2-packs).  The coupon is gonna ease the financial pain this line's kicking in with the launch.

Overall though, I'm happy...  I'll be disappointed if certain characters aren't ever made though for sure, like Toht, Donovan, Brody, a TLC Sallah, ToD stuff, etc.  I hope in a year's time they at least can get us a number of those items.  Oh and Col. Dietrich needs a figure too.
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Re: Spoiled by Star Wars?
« Reply #16 on: May 5, 2008, 09:30 AM »
Like others have said, its mainly the eyes that have been the issue on the figures I've seen - and even then, its mainly on the ROTLA Indy figures.  Overall, the figures look pretty nice - even if you do have to dig a little bit to find decent versions of everyone.  I'm really happy that we're getting this line, even if its only for a year or so.  Beyond that, they'd probably be scraping for new characters anyways.  I always just hoped we would get a Star Wars-esque (VOTC quality) Indy figure, so all the rest are gravy.  Overall though, I've picked up all of the first two waves (ROTLA and KOTCS), aside from the Marion and German soldiers (got the two packs instead), and the only figure I really had a problem with was the jacketed ROTLA Indy.  I got the best I could find, but the eyes are still a bit wonky.  Other than that, its a pretty nice figure though.  The only other "figure" problem I've had is keeping Irina Spalko standing up.  That figure (or at least the one I picked up), its a bit wobbly.

After picking this stuff up on Thursday, we were back out on Sunday and things did seem to have sold through pretty well.  Our Target doesn't have them out yet (as of Saturday I guess), and didn't have a section for them yet or anything either.  Wal-Mart and TRU had both sold out of all deluxe figures, and there were a few basic figures left on the pegs.  I never did see the basic carded Marion, and Spalko seemed short packed as well.  I'm still curious to see what kind of legs this line will have.  Like others, I hope they get to some of the other ROTLA characters, but beyond a few other waves next year, I think we'd have a pretty complete lineup by then.

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Re: Spoiled by Star Wars?
« Reply #17 on: May 5, 2008, 10:14 AM »
It seems to me the big push on movie toys seems to be Speed Racer. Ironman, Hulk, Batman and Indy seem to be playing second fiddle to this movie. Personally I'm going to avoid Speed Racer like the plaque but maybe the kids will like it.
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