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Medicom Toy Exhibition '08 (Parco Show)

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* For the newbies, The Medicom Toy Exhibition is sort of like "Kubrick Toy Fair".  There are always exclusives (SW and non-SW) at the show.  Almost every year they've held a show, there has been some sort of carded SW Kubrick as well as a few other things for sale or order at the show...

Since Medicom has announced the dates for this year's show (6/21 - 6/30), I thought I'd get a thread rolling so we can all spend the next 30 days hoping/praying/speculating on what we'll see...  :)

So... what are you hoping to see?  Series 10?  Series 11?  A new box set?


Or spirit Yoda

Well we know that the Shadow Guard is still floating around somewhere but i am hoping for another Droids figure. Vlix would be awesome (but expensive as most fo the Parco figures are)

Great more stuff we can't afford....

I'd like to see them announce Series 10, which is hopefully ROTS and then they'll get back to the OT stuff.  I think they'll release the Shadow Guard as the exclusive. 

I'm hoping for a Droids boxed set.  They've snuck enough stuff out, they could do the box next.  It would be awesome if they did a couple of the unreleased Droids figures in the box set, like Kleb Zellock.  I'd eat up just about anything related to Droids.  Fromms would be awesome, Vlix would be freaking stellar.

  I fear the next progression may be the Ewoks series, though the Bearbrick releases may pre-empt that happening (I hope).


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