Author Topic: Loose Haves and loose Wants  (Read 721 times)

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Loose Haves and loose Wants
« on: May 23, 2008, 06:53 PM »
Hi there- I need several figures for customs and/or display, so hopefully we can swap!  I don't expect 1:1 on a lot of it, so inquire because you'll likely end up with more of my stuff than I will of yours.


1) Hoth Chewie (no flashback photo)
2) TIE Fighter pilot
3) Leia Collection Endor dress soft-goods Leia
4) Grand Moff Tarkin
5) Pilot Biggs (no freeze frame)
6) 4-LOM

POTF2 pack-in figures only
1) Purchase of the Droids cinema scene Luke
2) Purchase of the Droids cinema scene C-3PO
3) Tusken Raider from Bantha
4) Luke from Tauntaun
5) Leia from Speederbike
6) Millenium Minted Coin Endor Leia (no cloak)
7) Gunner Stations x 2 (no figures)
8 ) Luke from Rancor
9) Scout Trooper from Speederbike
10) Death Star Chasm Swing playset $6

Episode 1
1) Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master

1) 25th Anniversary Han (from DS Escape 2-pack)
2) Pilot Luke (no helmet)

Saga 1
1) Han Solo Hoth Rescue x 2 (blue)
2) Luke (pack-in) from Landspeeder vehicle x 2

1) Darth Vader Lightsaber Attack

1) Tantive IV BP Vader x 2
2) Coins: A-Wing pilot, Ewoks

Wants: No accessories needed, just the figures in good condition   

1) POTJ Duros
2) Any Bith (cantina or Jabba's band)
3) VOTC Luke Tatooine
4) Headless versions fine of: ROTLA Sallah, Monkeyman, Cairo swordsman
5) POTJ IG-88 (or just head)
6) Y-Wing pilot from POTF2 CS
7) Hobbie (or just head) from comic pack
8 ) POTJ old Ben w/o cloak
9) Wuher (any)
10) POTF2 Wolfman
11) TAC Luke Tatooine (no vaporator needed)

Will buy my wants if you have them pretty cheap too   ;D
Greg Reeves

My *New* top 3 most desired figures: 1) Yerka Mig; 2) Uncle Owen; 3) Hoth Luke